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MTD 535 -vs- F Bass BN5

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gfab333, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. gfab333


    Mar 22, 2000
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    I was just asked by a TB member in another thread "how does an MTD 535 compare to an F Bass BN5? I own both, so here are my comments:

    My MTD has a maple burl top over swamp ash with a maple neck / wenge fretboard. It has an inherent articulate, punchy, woody tone with great definition. The combination of woods and the preamp enable you to dial in ballsey deep low end, ultra highs, and punchy mids at will. The B string has an extremely defined focused tone with out being too middy. With a 130 B, I actually can get tremendous low end. Overall it does have a hi-fi tonality. this bass's tone is extremely punchy and clean, without having brittle highs or obtrusive mids. it's almost too clean, but I love it.

    The F Bass has a maple neck with a swamp ash body. this bass also has a hi-fi tone but it also has a Fender Jazz Bass vibe to it as well, this is probably due to the woods used, the preamp, and the ability to run the pick ups in single coil mode. I can get it to sound like a vintage Fender Jazz or a Marcus Miller bass. there's no way to get the MTD to sound like that, not that you would want to. I can also get the Alain Caron tone, which is a distinct hi-fi tone. Check out his web site for MP3s from his albums. It was probably not George Furlanetto's intent when he designed this bass, but my bass sounds like the ultimate dream Jazz Bass. that's why i bought it. it's got the tone and is very easy to play.

    This is just a short blurb to answer one poster's questions.

    In the final analysis, neither bass is better than the other. There just different, and they're both great basses.
  2. My 535 and BN5 are almost the same woods as yours, but my 535 has a rosewood fretboard. I pretty much agree with you.
  3. gfab333


    Mar 22, 2000
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    While we're at it, Funkycarnivore, how does your Lull modern 5 compare to the MTD and F Bass? tonewise and playability?
  4. The Lull is similar to the F, although I'd say that when set flat, the Lull has a little bit more high end than the F, and sounds a little more "vintage". I know that's kind of vague. I hope to have a better idea of things when I go to my 12 hour recording dealie this weekend.
  5. I own neither, but my impressions from playing are as follows. MTD is a very nice bass, comfy to play, with a transparent sound. It transmits what you do with your fingers to the amp. F bass is beyond nice, and into magical. The sound has a character of its own, warm and alive I'd say. Not that the MTD is cold and sterile or anything like that. And not that "warm" and "alive" are unqualified great things everybody would always want. I use them not as superlatives but as descriptives.

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