SOLD MTD 635-24 Walnut/Spalted Maple, Madagascar

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    As everyone who sells an MTD says, I’m dumb for letting this one go - it’s magical - plays like butter - gorgeous tone - sits well in the mix, etc. It’s definitely all true with this bass, but my Modulus just suits me better. I went back and forth for a while, and here are my thoughts.

    The MTD is warmer and more organic. The notes are bigger and more beautiful, way deeper, better texture in the mids, super crisp highs, the preamp is amazing, and it just fills more space in a really beautiful way - as I’m sure you’ve all heard.

    There’s two reasons I’m deciding to sell this and stick with the Q6. One is that I prefer the Q6 17mm spacing. The other is that I swapped the pickups in my Q6 from EMG to the Nord Big Splits and yanked the preamp out to run them passive (VVT). Sounds crazy but it gets pretty close to the jazz guitar tone I’m looking for.

    Walnut body
    Spalted maple top
    feels like it has a very thin satin finish
    Matching headstock
    Matching wood knobs
    World logo
    Maple neck
    Madagascar rosewood fingerboard
    35" scale
    24 frets
    Bartolini pickups and preamp with 3-Band tone controls.(Mids: 250, 500, 1000)
    Hipshot B bridge
    Buzz Feiten Tuning System
    Black hardware
    Double acting truss
    MTD hardshell case

    Sorry, no trades. Buyer pays shipping. (probably $80)

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