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  1. Due to my battle with my rheumatoid arthritis, my beloved MTD 635 must go. Mike Tobias has got a nice 5 string which will allow me to play more comfortably....

    It's not yet 2 years old, was previously owned by Bill Lawrence (not the pickup guy!) and you can hear it on his MP3.com site.
    Click here for MP3s most of the tunes from his NIV Jazz volumes are this bass (Cabriolet, Bottlenose...).

    -Swamp Ash body
    -"10" Maple burl top with matching headstock and truss rod cover
    -maple neck
    -Indian Rosewood fingerboard
    -custom Bartolini pickups and 18v Bartolini preamp
    -Buzz Feiten tuning system

    It's in mint condition, has been used primarily in the studio only!!!

    Here's the link to a couple of pics:

    $2900, NO TRADES please!


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