SOLD MTD AG6 USA Andrew Gouche Signature Model

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    4850 + S&H
    2015-01-06 03.04.08 1.jpg This may be one of the most authoritative basses I've ever had, and I've had several nice basses! This is a USA MTD AG6 made by Michael Tobias himself in collaboration with gospel legend Andrew Gouche, one of my biggest influences. It's extremely light for a 6 string at around 9lbs and balances very nicely. It's very punchy, cuts through the mix with great clarity and fundamental, it's very seamless as you play from string to string, and it has the HUGE and tight low B that we all hear in our heads. Why am I selling? I thought I could afford this and my custom that Mike and Daniel are making for me, but some calculations and a long look at my finances say otherwise...I'm extremely nervous about selling this since it's such a great bass and I'm worried I might like it better than the one Mike and Dan are making for me! Anyway, here are a few rough phone shots. It's in impeccable condition and looks brand new. Strung with fresh Dean Markley SR2000's, of course. NO TRADES please!

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  2. added some daylight pics.
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    Awesome bass!
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    Still available?
  7. It's marked as sold.
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    May I know What is the number on the headstock?