SOLD MTD Andrew Gouche USA Spec Kingston Bass

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    This is a very special Andrew Gouche Kingston bass. It has been completely spec'd out for me by Mike himself to the handmade specs in every way physically possible.

    - Hipshot Ultralite tuners and aluminum bridge in custom Gouche two-tone black/chrome
    - Mike spec'd Bartolini pickups and preamp (not the stock Kingston Bartolini stuff, DM me for details).
    - Evo Gold fret job, same as what Mike uses on the handmade basses.
    - Dunlop Straploks

    Basically, an Andrew Gouche 535 at (way) less than half the price! Also, Gouche played and approved!

    This thing is basically MINT! The only substantial mark I could find was directy next to the strap button on the back of the bass (see last photo). Will ship in original crate and come with a strap.

    Video clip of Gouche playing the bass:

    IMG_20190610_145150_689.jpg IMG_20190830_175507.jpg IMG_20180724_111814.jpg IMG_20180724_111828.jpg IMG_20180724_110741.jpg IMG_20190830_133705.jpg
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  3. Please, do give in :roflmao:. It's a great bass, you'll thank yourself :smug:
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