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    Oct 3, 2001
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    Im a realativly new player, right now I have a soundgear sr-885, but I have read a lot of posts with you guys reccomending an MTD Beast. Im just wondering what makes them so good, I dont really like my soundgear, the string spacings are too close and I cant get the warm tone Im looking for.
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    Feb 28, 2001
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    do you feel the need to get a new bass ? By the way, I think the beast was discontinued.

    Anyway, I think that the Beast and the SR885 are in about the same quality range..

  3. then why the hell did you buy it in the first place ? :confused:

    Take a peek at the Ibanez BTB.. it's the very best 5-string bass under $1000
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    check the discussion thread labeled "The Mark of the Beast".

  5. craigb

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    I've got one (a Beast 4) and think it's a very nice bass.

    The materials are good (one piece maple neck, wenge fingerboard, poplar body). The only thing I questioned before I got one was the poplar but Michael Tobias seems to like poplar as he uses "tulipwood" which is similar (I think) in the US MTDs. It's also used in solid Stingrays from some reports. It has good bottom and is lightweight - very similar to alder I think.

    It's designed by Michael Tobias so you know it's well designed. Zero fret, 24 frets, 1-5/8" nut width on the 4 (1-7/8" on the 5 IIRC). Single-coil Bartolini exposed-pole jazz pickups with vol/vol/tone controls. Tilt-back headstock (better pull over the zero fret/nut without string retainers).

    Fit and finish are very nice. The pearl finishes (I've had two Beasts - one Pearl White, one Pearl Red) with matching headstock look great.

    The hardware seems to be one spot where a bit of money was saved. The bridge is a custom hipshot design that looks like a traditional Fender folded-metal bridge. Simple but effective. The tuners are Gotoh-like and this is the main thing on the bass I'd consider upgrading - I've never had tuners of this style that I've liked but then again I've never had this style on an expensive bass. The control knobs are cheap plastic but simple to change out if desired. All the hardware is black.

    The feel is awesome. The only bass I've had that was as comfortable (for me) was an old Ibanez Musician neck-through. The neck dimensions and satin finish combine to just make it a joy to the left hand and the light weight makes it easy on the shoulder.

    The sound is very good too. The Bart single coils give a lot of bite and combined with the wenge fingerboard really growl.

    Basically the same bass with active electronics and figured tops were the Grendel models and sold for a bunch more. I think they are a great deal at the $450 discontinued price. I tried a MTD K4 (made in Korea where the Beast is made in the Czech Republic) in a store for a short time and it felt similar but I like a neck pickup. There was also an indefinable something about the Beast feel that I liked better than the K4 feel but I didn't side-by-side them so I can't quantify exactly why. I definitely prefer the jazz-pickup config to the single MM style of the Kingston (haven't tried an Heir with the MM+J yet).

    I've got mine up for sale/trade but not because there's anything wrong with it. So far only one bass I've had has become a keeper (my G&L L2000) and I even traded that off once and had to buy it back later. I just rotate through gear - that way I can try lots of things even though I can't afford to keep it all at the same time (you've got to shop used & blowouts to do that without losing money). I changed the eq in my practice situation (boosted some mids) and the sound got back to what I liked - now I'm not so sure I want to let it go.

    You did say you were looking for a "warm" tone - the Beast has what I've heard described as a modern jazz tone. It can clank and has growl and bite. Whether that will work for you depends - I like it with the neck pickup full on and the bridge backed off until the sound "opens up". This is a deep, growly tone that makes me smile. It's why for a while this summer I had 2 Beasts and nothing else.

    If you can try one out somewhere or at least try some basses with jazz-style pickups to see if that basic config works for you.
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    May 17, 2001
    Nice Job craigb! Now if mine would only hurry up and get to me! I've probably got a Monday or Tuesday delivery date. The last time I checked it had just left Illinois headed for Denver.

    Here's an update. At the close of business today there were three of "Da Beasts" left at the $450.00 price. A red with a maple board, red with a wenge board and a red pearl with a wenge board. Those three are 5 string. I think there are some 4 strings available also. I don't know what options are available on the 4 strings. I can provide info to anyone who is interested on how to get one at that rate and I get nothing out of this except the pleasure of helping someone get a great deal on what appears to be a great jazz style bass.
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    Jan 2, 2001
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  8. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
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  9. well i'm sure you've seen my posts of support for the beast. recently i've went to just try out amps and such. well i haven't taken my bass yet because i left without stopping home. so i was trying amps but i got so incredibly frustrated, i could not find a bass i liked, and it wasn't that there weren't good basses. some yamahas more expensive than beast retail price, some peavey cirrus', american fenders, some other 1000+ dollar basses and nothing just felt right or sounded good enough. i account this to the wonderful balance of the beast, the beautiful assymetrical neck, the great shaped body(very similar, if not the same, to us models that cost 3000 or so), and to just some quality jazz barts. craftmanship is high, string tension is great, sound is wonderful but to me the greatest thing is the feel, i can play the bass for hours upon hours. oh and as a side note i like the flat fretboard, helps me with tapping style. all and all a great bass, and if only i would have waited and got one for 450 i might have an amp now already, but i still feel what i paid(another near 300) was well worth it
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