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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dgce, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. dgce


    Jun 17, 2001
    Massachusetts, USA
    Is the MTD Beast basically the MTD Grendel? I know the Grendel is discontinued and I belive both were made in the Czech Republic.

    Anyone out there have one? Any good? How does it compare to the new Kingston and Heirs?

  2. adrian garcia

    adrian garcia In Memoriam

    Apr 9, 2001
    las vegas. nevada
    Endorsing Artist: Nordy Basses, Schroeder Cabs, Gallien Krueger Amps
    It is basically a Grendel without a flame top and with passive electronics instead of active- the bridge is also a lighter version than the Grendel- they rae SMOKING basses for the price. Discontinued. Ask Ebozz or craigB what they think of the Beast
  3. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    I've got one (again) - got my blue one back from Ebozzz.

    I think it's pretty sweet, particularly for the price. I was a bit concerned about the poplar body since that's a "Mexican Fender" wood but it sounds good and is relatively light. So I'm a poplar fan now. The neck is very nice - 1-5/8" at the nut for the 4 and with a very slim, comfortable profile. The zero fret is a feature I think more bass manufacturers should utilize. The Bartolini single coil pickups are clear and very punchy. I had a Beast and a MM Stingray at the same time and I personally preferred the sound of the Beast (I guess I'm just a neck-pickup-requiring guy). I do like the sound of my G&L L2000 better (and maybe my SB-2, just got that one) but the Beast is no slouch. It's got plenty of growl and snap.

    I tried Kingston in a store one time for a short time (this is my disclaimer) and it did not grab me the way the Beast did. Some of that is that I'm a 2-pickup guy, got to have a neck pickup for the depth of the sound. Not to say the Kingston is bad, it was a nice playing and sounding bass and caused me to try single pickup basses again. But I like the Beast is better. I don't have enough experience with jazz-style basses to compare it to a Fender or others but I don't think you'll go wrong with a Beast.
  4. ebozzz

    ebozzz Supporting Member

    May 17, 2001
    I've got a Beast 5 that I got through Adrian and I'm very pleased with it. It's great sounding bass with it's passive electronics and you may not ever want/need to upgrade to actives. Most of my basses are have active electronics so I finally decided to take A.G.'s advice to install the Grendel preamp in mine. I just got it back today and so far I'm impressed with the improvement that it has given the Beast. Mine is a red pearl color. Here's a bad picture that I took in a rush. I had my kid today and she was giving me fits! :)


    I would definitely consider the Beast if you are thinking about adding a jazz bass to your collection. I also own two Fender Jazz bassess and I can say that the tone that I get from the Beast is similar but it does have a more modern sound. That modern sound is a good one if I may say so. ;)
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