MTD Kingston active preamp?

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  1. IMO, the slap tone on the Kingston leaves something to be desired. I'm looking for a tone with more 'bite', flexibility and high end emphasis than the stock passive setup can provide, I think. I know Bartolini and Seymour Duncan make pickups and active preamps made to be retrofitted into a Stingray.. would this work in a Kingston? What about the Aguilar OBP-1, what's the general opinion on those?
  2. I had a Kingston for a short time..I didn't like the tone either.didn't really care for the look either. I looked into upgrading it to a wasn't worth it IMO... get a MM Stingray.
  3. I think Stingrays are rather ugly and I hate the SR5's string spacing.... but thanx.

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  4. I have a Kingston Heir (2 pickup model) and tried both the Aguilar and Duncan preamps and wasn't satisfied with the result. There was still a harshness to the high end that I suspect is in the pickups. The Bart and Duncan MM pickup will fit the Kingston and I'd wager the combination of a matched preamp/pickup would be an improvement.
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    If you're interested, there is a guy selling a MM Stingray 5 pickup AND preamp on ebay right now.

    Here is the Link.