MTD Kingston, Fretted or Fretless

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  1. I was looking into 5's and decided that I was gonna go for something a little less expensive (basically cause I have very little money.) Well, I'm almost sold on the Kingston since it has been talked about a lot here on talkbass and for the most part accepted as a good basses. My question is, This would be my first 5, but I have also been craving a fretless. Would it be better to just get a fretted five and wait for the fretless, or dive into to both at the same time? Another thing, how is the slap on these? I don't slap now but I would like to get into it. Also, how are the highs? I work a lot in the high range for a little bit of solo stuff while the guitarist I play with plays rhythm. Thanks for all your help, this is a great place.
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    a Kingston is fine for slap - fretted , that is- you CAN slap a fretless, but it sounds way different-
    remember, the Kingstons are passive- great sound, but passive- Aguilar has a nre onboard 3 way pre that looks promising- you an add that to the Kingston and it should enhance the eq-