MTD Kingston Heir 5 tone pot replacement

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  1. I did a search and found a 5 year old thread that never answered this question.

    I have an '03 MTD Kingston Heir 5 (passive) and the tone pot is now crackling. It could be that it's simply dirty because it crackles when I turn it; however, it also seems to have other issues. If I turn the pot all the down (remove all treble) at the very bottom of the sweep (where it can't turn any more), it gives MAX treble. Then if I start to turn it up (it crackles and...) when I get the dial just a slight bit off the end of the sweep it gives me full bass and no treble. Also, it crackles through the entire range of the sweep when I turn the dial.

    I have a few questions that I want to ask before I grab the screwdriver and start digging around in there.

    Where can I get a replacement pot that is designed for this bass?

    Is there a better pot than the stock pot that I can upgrade to since I have to replace it anyway?

    DO I actually need to replace the pot or is there another solution?

    Keep in mind that I haven't yet opened the back of the bass yet so I don't have specifics on the potentiometer yet. If I start getting questions about the pot (e.g. markings, etc.) then I'll need to open the bass up (which I will do. I'm not afraid to. I just haven't had the time yet).

    Thanks for any help, gang!

    P.S. Does Michael Tobias visit TB?
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    Can't answer about the fix from experience (I had the newer active model of Kingston Heir) but I do know that I've e-mailed the company a couple of times with questions and Mike himself answered.
  3. Thanks.
    I'll try that.