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SOLD MTD Kingston Z5 w/ upgrades. *Holiday Sale!*

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Systolic, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Price:
    I have a beautiful MTD Kingston Z5 with some cosmetic upgrades. The bass features a beautiful carved mahogany body with a maple burl top, with a matching peg head veneer,that is just stunning to look at. You won't know the difference between this and a custom made MTD. The fretboard features a rock maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard.

    I've upgraded the tuners to Hipshot Ultralites to alleviate neck dive, added Dunlop Straplocks and I have custom matching wood knobs.

    35" Scale
    19mm string spacing
    Zero Fret
    Buzz Feiten Tuning System
    Bathroom scale shows just a hair UNDER 9lbs with the strap!

    Trades considered would be a Warwick Fortress 4 (newer Rockbass is fine,) Warwick Streamer NT1, a 4 string Spector.

    $700 shipped with everything.
    $675 with new tuners, straplocks and stock knobs.
    $625 with stock tuners, straplocks and custom knobs.
    $600 shipped with just the straplocks.

    20171030_214802.jpg 20171030_214812.jpg 20171030_214819.jpg 20171030_214845.jpg 20171030_214856.jpg 20171030_214906.jpg
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  2. Pm sent.
  3. Still available.
  4. Final price drop.
  5. Pm sent
  6. Still available.
  7. Trades updated.
  8. Holiday weekend sale! Take $25 off the listed prices. Motivated to get this sold this weekend. Would consider partial trades for other gear. Preamps, pedals, let me know.
  9. I'm surprised this is still here to be honest. This is a beautiful bass that plays wonderfully and comes with a *Choose your own upgrade* option. I've just been bitten by the Spector/Warwick bug otherwise this would stay with me forever.
  10. bassman216


    Apr 4, 2015
    Dayton, Ohio
    PM sent
  11. Replied
  12. Traded
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