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MTD Owners

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BrandonS, Apr 17, 2001.

  1. BrandonS


    Nov 15, 2000
    I am thinking about purchasing an MTD 535. I was wondering what your favorite wood/fingerboard/neck wood combinations were and what kind of tone you get. Any other comments about the bass in general are also appreciated. I will be making a pilgrimage to Bass Central in May and....you never know when you will have to unload your hard earned savings.


  2. Joelc73

    Joelc73 Supporting Member

    Nov 13, 2000
    New York
    From what I've played, you probably should try and get a Wenge/Wenge combo for the neck. I would stay away from Mahogony for the body. I played a bunch of Mahogony MTDs and was disappointed in the B string on each of them. Tulip wood swamp ash would work well.
  3. BrandonS -

    Hey, and welcome to TalkBass! I'd also like to welcome you to Bass Central, albeit a bit early, as I happen to work there part-time. :D

    KONG is dead on the money about Mike T, the man knows his stuff when it comes to the voodoo of getting trees to sound killer. Even better, he's always glad to help someone make the right choice for themselves. I'm not saying he'll talk to you on the phone for hours and hours, of course not, or he'd never get any basses made ;). But, if you call and speak with him, he will be able to make some very significant suggestions in a short conversation, and give you more than enough information to make a sound decision for yourself. Oh, and he's a pretty nice guy too.

    As for what we've got in stock at BC, well, it fluctuates from week to week, but we always have at least 2 or 3 in. Right now, there are two 535's on the wall, one is a consignment piece, the other new. I know we have several in the "pipeline", but their exact arrival dates I'm not sure of right now. If you're interested, I could try to find out what is on the way, and when it will be in next time I'm at work (which will be this Saturday). Let me know when you're going to be in the shop, and I'll try to be there to help ya out!

    (P.S. Please fill out your profile, it helps us get to know you and help ya out better, m'kay? :) )
  4. gfab333


    Mar 22, 2000
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    My MTD 535 has an ash body with a maple burl top, and a maple neck with a wenge fingerboard.

    I'm really happy with its tone and playability. It's a super responsive and punchy bass, with a hi-fi tone, and a solid bottom with great definition (especially on the B and E strings. here's a pic.

  5. ka-tet


    May 2, 2000
    Hey Gard, I'm going to be at Bass Central probably Wednesday morning or Tuesday evening. What's the specs on the MTD's you have there now?
  6. Uh dude...it's Wed morning now! ;)

    I'm sorry, can't recall all the specs on them (just woke up), but I believe the consignment one is one of the 5th anniversary 535's, with a wenge neck and fingerboard. Sadly the previous owner put some nasty block inlays in it. Looks kinda funky, but plays and sounds insanely good. I'd better get off the damn computer now, or I'll be late for work!!!! :eek:
  7. ka-tet


    May 2, 2000
  8. AHHH!!!

    OK, then there's much to tell you. OK, the consignment piece is a shame, but a very nice bass sound and playability wise. Mike T was less than happy when he saw it :(.

    There are now two 535's new on the wall, and a 635. The 535's are both beautiful basses, one a sort of cherry 'burst over burl, the other a blue 'burst over flame maple. The blue is marvelous, just incredible, I hope it's still here when you get in! All three 535's are wenge necks with wenge fingerboards, the 635 is a maple board with (I think, but don't hold me to it) a pau ferro board. the 635 is a brown stain over a burl maple, and is a beautiful bass as well.

    ka-tet, let me know when you're sure you will be in the store, and I'll try to arrange to be there that day. Hope to see you there.
  9. ka-tet


    May 2, 2000
    Gard, I won't be sure what I'm going to be there until the day of. What are the store hours?
  10. ka-tet -

    The store is open from 10 am to after 6 (that could mean 6:15 or 9 pm, depending on what's up ;) ) on weekdays, we may close a bit earlier on Saturday. Do you live in Central FL or are you just visiting the area next week? Try to let me know ASAP when you find out your itenerary, and I'll try to get in to the shop (I don't know my schedule for next week yet either).
  11. ka-tet


    May 2, 2000
    I'll try to let you know. I live in North Carolina and am visiting. I'll probably be in Wednesday. Outside chance Tuesday afternoon.
  12. adrian garcia

    adrian garcia In Memoriam

    Apr 9, 2001
    las vegas. nevada
    Endorsing Artist: Nordy Basses, Schroeder Cabs, Gallien Krueger Amps
    you won't go wrong with MTD--
    they are simply the best in my opinion. My current one is poplar an murtle top. Amazing figuring on the top. I was fortunate enough to visit the shop and pick out the body raw. I have the maple/maple neck, but had the wenge/wenge on a 635. Different sounds. The maple "barks" a little more. I have one on the way with the most outrageous spalted top I've ever seen. I chose to lacquer this time. The oils sounds great, but doesn't last like lacquer. Michael is always finding ways to improve the finishes , so the stuff he uses now is much harder than the stuff from early MTDs.
    This much is true: EVERY SOUNDMAN i have worked with prefers the MTD, and I have owned Lakland , Roscoe, Fender, Modulus,... everyone asks for the MTD, that says something...
  13. I just received My New 535 Mtd and I am very pleased with it. the craftmanship that this bass has is aewsome! The playability is great, The tonal quality from the wood along with the bartolini pickups are fabulous. I can easily say that this is tha last bass I will have to purchase because it can play funk, jazz, blues, rock, all with the onboard electronics, which is exactly what I need for my style of playing. Micheal Tobias has created the perfect bass and I want to thank Beaver Felton from Bass Central for helping me in deciding the right combinations for my 535. I recommend calling Bass Central if you r looking to purchase that new bass nad I do recommend you look seriously at a MTD. You will not be dissapointed!!!!!
  14. adrian garcia

    adrian garcia In Memoriam

    Apr 9, 2001
    las vegas. nevada
    Endorsing Artist: Nordy Basses, Schroeder Cabs, Gallien Krueger Amps
    lambert: congratulations!!!! isn't it a great axe?
    but never say never, they're a little addicting, you may want another down the road!!
    enjoy it in great health!!!

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