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Mu-tron3+ in comparison to the original...

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Bigfeet, Dec 28, 2001.

  1. I remember tying out the Mu-tron3+ at the GC once and then posting how much I liked it here; I was amazed to hear the original Mu-tron3 designed by Mike Biegel was much better. I discovered the schematics of similar envelope filters like the: Q-tron, Q-tron+, Ibanez Auto Wah and Univox funky box which all basically the same in design. So I was wondering is the Mu-tron3 really that much better then the Mu-tron3+ and if so where do you think I can find one?
  2. You and I have done this B4 BF....


    The original is fatter, wetter and more "liquid" sounding. Like being smacked in the face with a wet blanket as opposed to dry toast. The re-issue (or fake as Beigel calls it...) is dry and boring, although I still use the HP mode on my 'Tron III+ often for a bit of a g****r cop. You can find 'em for about $250-$350 on Ebay; always lots to choose from. Buy one, you'll never look back. I own an AC powered one now......

  3. Yeah I remember but I was trying to make it final. I'm looking at something more useful then my Q-tron (which actually lacks a little body) so now it's either the Mu-tron 3 or the Chunck 00Funk that you suggested. I thought the 3+'s notch filter feature was cool when I tried it out cool but I think I'd rather get myself a vocoder.
  4. Hmm... Searched for Mutron on Ebay and found an octave divider! I hear great things about that pedal should I spring for that instead of an envelope filter? Damn Gas!!!
  5. The notch filter is cool if you have a mid heavy instrument which I don't. I wasn't able to tell that it did much. The Chunk is wicked (we covered that B4 to..) as long as you know that it is very sensitive to bass frequencies and will go ballistic in down mode. The Mutron is less sensitive to the low end and you end up w/ more control, less "wild-card sweeping." The Chunk is very well built and exceedingly flexible.....it just didn't work for me. In the end I settled for two filters; the DOD (beleive it or not,) for it's low end, subharmonic dub-dominance and an original Mutron III for it's classic wet, squelchy sound well tuned for bass. Not all filters are good for bass remember....some have a _very_ narrow range that is useable for us.
    I'm thinking about an EBS these days myself.....
    :p Although I still kinda want one of these even though I know they are not that hot for bass.....

  6. I just saw that on ebay... $195.00 as a closing price! Isn't that $162 (American) brand new from the company? What jerk would try to get away with that? That's just too funny.

    ...I got a chance to try out a Frostwave Funk-a-Duck. I was very impressed with the effects I got, the filter fliped over and started fluttering when set right. I really like the oscillating craziness that it allows you to get. I led my EHX BMS into it when I tried it out and I got a really throaty "KaWhurp" sound. I loved it, I think it would be better used as a synth effect rather then an auto wah.
  7. Oooh. You've tried one....What is attractive to me is the variable up/down envelope knob. I have one of these on my Korg G5 nd I like the interface. The fellow from Frostwave himself said that it wasn't really suited for bass that well. It just looks so damn cool...Some filters are very "clean" and "careful" sounding; do you know what I mean? others have character and are kinda "squelchier" and more "corpulent." Too clean would not be a plus I'd say.....where do you think the Frostwave would lie?
  8. The only place I've found them is <a href="https://secure.hotspace.com.au/warmcola/clickcart/products.asp?id=51&cat=Resonant+Envelope+Follower">here.</a> Practically company direct! They cost $170 (US, &#163;116 UK), better then the closing price on the Ebay auction... I hope to get one too, I love the way it sounds with a fuzz or gated signal going into it, very synthisounding. It defiantly blows the filter on my BMS away but I'm a control freak when it comes to my effects. I agree; the manual control on it really sets it apart along with the output gain (sort of like a traditional wah) I like that feature allot, great when used as a lead into other effects. The trouble I've found with most filters is their all good in their own way, none all around. So I find myself looking for the perfect "hit" a high point for certain applications. I like the clinging, snaked envelope filters with lots of body for more percussive sounds or faster songs. I'll go to a smoother crisp sounding filter for trippy steady grooves and slower dope head stuff. Following the examples of my idles Charlie Clouser (keyboardest and remixer) and other synth heads I’ve met and admired over the years. I try to set myself apart from normal bass guitar uses. Making the search for a key ingredient in my experiments (envelope filters) really hard. I’m sure you know about that all to well.
  9. Mmmm...envelope filters....(drool.) I love 'em. I just checked out that slow attack on the EBS. My Korg G5 has an attack delay almost like that, very cool. I might have to check one of those out....
  10. Actually the best slow filter I can think of is the Oberiem VC filter if you can find or afford one, but it has a great swelling filter.
  11. I like it.
    MadSubwoofer was right about the down mode, though, which can be annoying.
    I just found a real nice setting for the up mode which is a little more useful. There are a lot of knobs and it takes some time getting used to, but overall it's a great pedal. I've never tried a Mutron or III+ so I couldn't compare.
  12. Hey I tried the notch filter on my Mutron III+ again on a drum machine, then my bass...what a nifty effect! Instead of a resonant peak with a freq. point that follows your playing intensity, it's a resonant scoop! I got a very cool, dry filter tone...almost phaser like. You need a mid-heavy instrument for this tho'.... Guess I'll have to bring this puppy outta the mothballs.

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