Much respect.

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  1. Watt,

    I saw you Thursday night at Gabe's and I want to thank you for a great show and the stickers! You've been my hero for a long time, and it was good seeing you again. Like I mentioned, I saw you (w/firehose) and Sebadoh at the Maintenance Shop about 10 years ago, and you were even more of an inspiration this time.

    Thanks Again,

    Larry (the guy in front of the band w/a 'gar in his hand)

    PS I listened to "A Love Supreme" the whole way home. (was that "interstellar space" you played over the pa before the show?)

    To everyone else:

    If you have a chance to see this tour, GO!!! Mike's band kicks ass--I know because I was basically camped out in front of Watt's side of the stage the whole show.

    for the curious, Watt's bass has some kind of EMG-like pickups in it now and a slider (for the preamp?). Pedal board: left to right:

    dark blue Boss Compressor/Sustainer
    Digitech Bass Driver
    Boss ODB-3
    Digitech Synth Wah
    Boss Phaser
    Korg Tuner

    Eden cabs and Aguilar amps.

    I thought I heard a whammy pedal on the album, but nothing here...