SOLD Muckelroy Jazz Bass, Muck J, Alder/Maple, Lollar Single Coils

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    Vintage jazz basses first caught my ears in the mid 90s. At that time, I was playing a Fodera 6 string - ash body, 3-piece maple neck and rosewood board, bartolini pups, and their older preamp. (pre-Pope) Someone plopped a 1964 Fender Jazz in my lap one afternoon in Rudy’s on 48th street in Manhattan. The resonance, tone, feel, ...everything. It really knocked me out, so I sold my Fodera (wish I hadn't), and began looking for a vintage J.

    (The one I played in Rudy’s was about $4500 - I should’ve bought it, b/c now that bass is probably worth $15,000.)

    Since then I’ve been sidetracked many times and bought Lakland, Modulus, G&L, Warwick, Rob Allen, Mike Lull, Sadowsky, Alleva, Pensa, and a few others. All of these basses were cool, but I never forgot that 1965 J.

    Fast forward, I heard of Brady Muckelroy after moving to Austin in 2016. Local bass players were freaking out over his instruments, so I called him to set up a meeting in his shop. Well, I can’t say enough about Brady as a person and a player - he’s great, and his hand carved instruments are on another level. True high performance race cars. - but I still wanted a jazz bass!

    Luckily, he makes those too, HA!!! ...and they are unreal. We talked for a while and designed this bass together. It’s perfect. All USA Custom parts. Very light and comfortable. Resonant, warm, clear, vintage, sings, thumps, and Super Lively!!!

    (he doesn’t make them anymore)

    Alder body, oil and stain
    Maple neck and maple fingerboard
    Parchment pickguard
    Lollar single coils
    Hipshot vintage hardware
    Passive volume, volume, tone

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  2. Stunning bass. I have always dreamed of owning one of Brady's basses. Man it sucks to be pour.
  3. FieldingMellish

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    Jul 9, 2006
    Austin TX
    Here's some more pics...

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