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SOLD Muckelroy "Samaritan" Headless 4 String

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by BTBOTTOM, Jan 11, 2017.



    Jan 31, 2016
    DSC_5768. DSC_5773. DSC_5775. DSC_5776. DSC_5777. DSC_5779. DSC_5780. DSC_5781. DSC_5782. DSC_5786. DSC_5788. DSC_5789. DSC_5790. DSC_5791. DSC_5793. I'm selling the "Samaritan" headless Muckelroy Bass. I bought it from the original owner, and bad ass bass player, about 6 months ago. Love how comfortable it plays but I have found myself playing my other Mucks full time. I've got 3 others. From what I gather it was the first one like this to be built. It's a really cool instrument and is by far the easiest bass to play I've ever picked up. The smaller scale makes all finger reaches feel effortless. Another bonus is this bass fits in a guitar gig bag. If I was still living in Brooklyn and taking the subway I would never part with this instrument. The bass is in great shape. There are two drill holes evidenced in the pictures. I actually put the strap buttons on the back of Brady's instruments for a better feel. I did that with my Benaventes as well. Other than that there are no noticeable cosmetic or playing issues. It's a rare gem that is compact and really packs a punch. I actually A/B'd it with my front of house sound man on tour and he thought it had more balls than a musicman I had rented for backline. Even with the shorter scale it's got plenty of mojo.

    As far as specs go here you are:

    Weighs 6LBS 13oz:
    33" scale, bolt on
    Swamp Ash Body
    Black Limba top
    Passive Delano Time Square pickups (The signal is as hot as my actives on these)
    Ebony finger ramp (attached with double sided tape)
    Purple Heart fingerboard
    Maple- Purple Heart- Maple neck
    Purple Heart control Plate.
    The pickups are series/parallel ,there's two switches to control each pickup:
    Up is parallel ,Down is series
    One stocked knob volume/passive tone and a pickup panning knob.

    (Bass was purchased for $2,775 and I bought it for $2,200 in June)
    SOLD - Muckelroy "Samaritan" Headless

    Here's a super dope piece that Franklin Peredo posted using the bass before I had it.

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