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Mudbucker Upgrade Project - 1973 Telecaster Bass

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by MaddAnthony_59, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. MaddAnthony_59

    MaddAnthony_59 Supporting Member

    Dec 16, 2006
    Columbus, IN
    I Channel Surf During Commercials. (Drives my Wife CRAZY!!!)
    Okay, I love Vintage Basses, and here are a couple of mine. This is the "Mud Pit!"


    I knew the '71 EB-0L was a Mudder Lover from the get-go, and the Dimarzio Model One in Parallel is a pretty good reversible modification. But I had no idea that the '73 Tele had a very similar sound. BOO!


    So, I thought Why don't I see if can get the added flexibility I got from the Model One in the Gibson with the Spare Dimarzio Model One Will Lee I have laying around? When I dated the Pots on the Tele I noticed that the whole electronics package was on the (Non-Original) pick guard. (Pots are weeks 12 & 22 1972)


    I also noticed that the pickups are about the same size...



    So, my thoughts are to Create a pickguard for the Tele with the Dimarzio Model One Will Lee, new pots, and a DPDT switch to get the Series/SingleCoil/Parallel tones.

    I'll do some digging on my own, but any suggestions on the Pots? I'm thinking a CTS 1Meg Vol, but I'm not sure on the tone pot, or the "Cap" that should be used on it if any. The original electronics will be removed and stored safely with the original bridge. (Another idea is to find a Period Correct Pick Guard and use the current Non-Original PG)

    Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'll keep the project updated as I pregress...

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