Mullard CV4004 ?

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  1. I believe that cv4004 are a type of the ECC83 and 12AX7 family of tube styles.

    Do a google search.
  2. Yes i know they are a type of ECC83 but i don't know if those tubes are that type. The seller says they are Should i believe him ? :)
  3. no
  4. Are Mullard CV4004 worth more than Mullard ECC83 ? What do you think about those tubes from ebay ?
  5. Yes.

    They're regular Mullard ECC83's that the seller is trying to get more money for by calling them 4004's.
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    If a tube carries the CV designation it is a more rugged version designed for military and industrial use like the US JAN. It will be branded CVxxxx and not with it's consumer name. I agree with PBG - the seller is trying to get more money for regular tubes.

  7. Ok ! Tnks alot guys !