Multi effect/practice suite for dorm use with good overdrive

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Iristone, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Iristone


    Jul 8, 2017
    Hello! :)
    TL;DR I'm looking for a headphone amp unit with good overdrive, aux in, and preferably cabinet simulator.

    I'm going back to college within a month or two, and I'd like to bring my Thunderbird with me. As I probably won't be able to use an amp in my dormitory, I'm in search of a multi-effect or preamp with a headphone output. Oh, and there's a possibility I'll play out with it by the end of this December.

    • A good sounding overdrive (many digitals are probably out);
    • Aux in and headphone out;
    • Best served with cabinet simulator.
    My experiences:
    • Amplitube on my laptop - optimal sound and versatility, but latency is a bit of an issue;
    • Zoom B1Xon - sounds good clean, overdrive (except the SVT model) soon turns into gooey "goose fart" before disintegrating into a bunch of digital aliasing noise. :(
    • Korg/Vox Ampworks Bass -with some models there's lovely overdrive. With other models the gain control is actually a compressor! :meh:
    • I dialed in a very Live-at-Leedsy tone on a Vox Stomplab (guitar version). Too bad it doesn't have an aux in.
    • I tried a Tech 21 fly rig at a shop: Gibson Grabber II -> Fly Rig -> a Hartke combo. I thought it was a bit viscous (if it makes sense).
    • I remember hearing a Darkglass (forgot which model) live which had a nice grind. Their new units with DI and headphone out seems promising.
    • Or maybe I can duplicate my PF-50T rig at home with an SCR-DI.
    Sorry for my verbosity. Any insights? :)
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