multi-effect vs single pedals

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by FeTiS, Jun 3, 2001.

  1. ok, here's my problem:
    i've wanted to get a Zoom 506-II for a while now, and i went to Edmonton to get one, and none the places there had it, not even the factory direct stores! so, i was wondering if i should buy a few cheap single pedals or try harder for the zoom. i'd get a different multi-effect, but most of them are real expensive, and i make dick all for cash. so, any help would be appreciated.

    anyone know where to buy a zoom online? there website sucks ass.
  2. the only things on it that are good are the 3 distortions and the synth basses and the phaser and flangers.
  3. Check out ebay. They also have them at
  4. i've tried musiciansfriend and guitartrader, but there is the one problem of being in canada and both sites being american.

    but, aside from that, is the BOSS GEB-7 Bass Equilizer -7- Band Graphic any good? I dont really need much for sounds, but if it helps any, i like the way Tools bass sounds.