"Multi-scale" Short Scale Bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Eternity, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Eternity


    Aug 20, 2019
    Hey all!
    So I was curious if anyone on here had come across a short scale bass that was also multi scale? I've been looking into short scales recently cause I love the easy maneuverability for chords and such, but I also don't want to loose that responsive low end of a full/medium scale bass.
    Any info on such an instrument would be greatly appreciated!
    P.s. sorry if this is in the wrong place, first time poster
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  2. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    White Plains
    Dingwall Super Series?
    Short scale on the little strings, full scale on the bigger ones...
  3. Jon Moody

    Jon Moody Commercial User

    Sep 9, 2007
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Manager of Brand Identity & Development, GHS Strings, Innovation Double Bass Strings, Rocktron
    As far as I know, it doesn't exist in any form, outside of a custom build. But at that point, unless you go headless, you're going to have a very hard time finding strings that work on it, let alone fit correctly.

    I guess it depends on the OP's idea of short scale. The Dingwall Super Series is 33"-35"; not exactly what I'd consider.
  4. Eternity


    Aug 20, 2019
    Yea, that's what I thought as well. It's a pretty unusual thing to be looking for I'm finding out. And yea, my personal idea of a short scale length would be about 30", maybe pushing to 32", but that's more towards, medium/full scale at that point.
  5. Sid the Kid

    Sid the Kid Supporting Member

    Jun 7, 2013
    Mayones V fret Basses go from 32.25 to 34.25 inches. Beautiful Basses too!

    Not as pretty is this Brice bass. They are well made Basses but nothing special to look at. This one is 30 to 34 inches. The bigger fan may make chording more difficult but that really depends on the player.
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  6. Eternity


    Aug 20, 2019
    Yea love the look of the Moyones V frets. The Brice basses have always been a cool option, especially at the price, but the look has honestly been a hard sell for me tbh
  7. PotsdamBass8

    PotsdamBass8 Supporting Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    Long Island, NY
    I was just thinking about this and found this thread. I think there could be a market for a 30-32/33” 5 string.
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  8. middlebit


    Sep 10, 2005
  9. Green Knight

    Green Knight Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2016
    32"-35", no? I guess that makes the G string technically medium scale, but that's just one inch off!
  10. Green Knight

    Green Knight Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2016
  11. Jon Moody

    Jon Moody Commercial User

    Sep 9, 2007
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Manager of Brand Identity & Development, GHS Strings, Innovation Double Bass Strings, Rocktron
    The G string may be "medium scale," but nothing else is.

    I would think a true multi-scale "short scale" bass would be something like 28"-31" or so. Which then my comment about needing it headless stands, as it would be incredibly hard to source custom strings for that.
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  12. MDH bass

    MDH bass

    Jul 16, 2018
    IIRC it was a pet project of some dude and it totally fell thru, i'll try to re-find some info
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  13. MDH bass

    MDH bass

    Jul 16, 2018
    ah so i was partially kinda almost slightly right, 'Born out of a final exam project for designer Szabolcs Sinka’s Master’s in Product Design'

    Bastard Basses Announces Little Bastard Bass

    there *was* a website at some point but it's a deadlink :L

    however this lil fella is one of the nicest looking basses i've ever seen

    it'd be amazing if someone picked up the idea/design aesthetic and did a whole family - from short scale guitar (23/21 maybe?) all the way up the full scale bass (37/34 format), headless/headed, p'up/pre configs, optional tort pickup (leave a carrot sticker in the goodie bag), etc, etc.

    find a good factory far east, korea seems to be putting out good stuff atm, set a starting price of £400-600ish. you can get a lot of guitar for that money
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  14. middlebit


    Sep 10, 2005
    Thanks for the (somewhat disappointing) info. I was hoping for a shorter pipeline, but put me down for a shorty once you've set all that up
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  15. phillipkregg

    phillipkregg Supporting Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    Nashville, TN
    I'm betting AC Guitars out of Scotland could make something like that. They routinely make headless 5s that are between 28" and 32" scales.

    His basses are fantastic quality and he's also done fanned fret in the past. So I'm sure he could make a headless that is between 28/31" scale. His pricing is very good too, even for custom stuff like this.
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  16. Aidil


    Dec 4, 2014
    Jkt, IDN
    Almost a year late, but OP's whish could soon be fulfilled now that Ibanez has announced the latest EHB1005SMS model of multi-scale 30-32" for 2021, which most likely will enter the market in a few months. Sadly, he hasn't logged in to this forum since September last year.

    Ibanez upcoming 30-32" multi-scale EHB1005SMS compared to current available 33-35" multi-scale EHB1005MS
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  17. Will Barsam

    Will Barsam

    Jan 30, 2021
    You can get a nice rumbly tone out of a mustang bass. I really like the sound of them. Also you can get a great tone out of a short scale music man and a Hofner violin bass https://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier...MIjZ3X95XF7gIVCuKzCh32agXxEAQYBSABEgKt__D_BwE
  18. rdh190


    Sep 25, 2008
    My buddy just built this 32-35 bass, it feels quite natural. I haven’t played any other fanned fret basses though, so I can’t compare. He made the 7th fret perpendicular so the playability near the nut still feels good on the lower strings.

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  19. ajkula66


    Sep 23, 2016
    Thank you for posting this...:thumbsup:

    A SS multiscale is something that I've been pondering for a while now. However, at $1150 I would have to try one in person before pulling a trigger on it.
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