multiple bass tracks are fun...

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    Oct 3, 2001
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    i don't pretend to be a musician, but these jams are kinda fun and some have up to 5 bass tracks. all string voices, including guitar sounds, are produced from a cheap dean bass using either a effects processor or a v-bass like the first one, "down low". perhaps i can inspire some real musicians to experiment more with using multiple bass voices across all genres - cause i sure dig it, even with my crappy/clueless mastering.

    from tongue and bass:

    down low

    remind me

    pluralistic ignorance

    made it

    (tongue and bass, copyright schmee 2002)

    from musolitics:


    another day

    our thang

    our thang reprise

    only been playing months not years, so there are many timing errors, but it's all first pass improv rock/whatever.

    mightbe some explicit lyrics in there too, careful.