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For Sale Multiple pedals for sale - All must go !

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by FerK, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. FerK

    FerK Supporting Member

    Dec 11, 2011
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    Pedals for sale.

    Update: most of the pedals are gone. surprisingle the B3K is still here. I added a few pics of the "as-is" board now.

    I just ordered a Helix and I quit my secondary band, so I have a bit of surplus. It must go, to help finance the Helix (before my wife kills me). Here's the list:
    • Custom-made HPF: €75 - This unit (that I called "You shall not pass") has a sweep knob that sets the -12dB between 40Hz and 145Hz.
    • Fulltone OCD (aggressive overdrive): €70
    • Harley Benton Delay: €10
    • Digitech dirty robot: €75
    • Boss Harmonist PS-6: €80
    • Mooer Thunderball: €25
    • EHX Big Muff Pi: €35
    • EHX Pitch Fork: €50
    • EHX Electric Mistress: €35
    • Behringer Chorus: €10
    • Danelectro FabTone: €25
    • EHX SwitchBlade+: €35
    • Korg Pitchblack: €35
    • Palmer Frohlocker (Bass Flanger): €50
    • Darkglass B3K: €135 - Reserved
    • Pedaltrain Classic Jr with soft bag: €60
    • Power supply Carl Martin Pro Power: €90 - Great power supply, with switchable (110-230 V) AC input, 8 individual isolated and regulated 9v (150mA) – 12v (150mA) outputs, with extended power at output 7-8 9v (350mA) 12v (300mA)
    If you want to take the whole lot (I already re-calculated considering those already sold) I'll make a significant discount: €400 instead of €475. I'll also throw in enough patch cables and power cables for anything that fits on the board (and more, I have way too many cables that I won't need anymore). I'll also throw in an extra power supply.

    Shipping the whole lot within Europe included.

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