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  1. Hello there! Merry Whatever everyone!
    Here's my "problem" (bad english aside): my wife is using a Shure GLXD16E wireless system to send her bass sound to the pedalboard and being able to run across the stage (the whole venue sometimes LOL).
    Now we're thinking about going the ampless way as she put a Darkglass AOU on her board and would use its D.I. straight to the board and we were looking for a nice, cool wireless IEM set. I was thinking about another Shure as the GLXD16E works wonders and I have this idea that same brand products are more likely to "work well together" without messing up channels, freqs and signals. Maybe it's a wrong assumption but I'll admit my total ignorance on the subject.
    My main concern for her is having to go around with two bodypacks (the GLXD1 transmitter AND the IEM receiver) with all the possible issues this might cause (most specifically, the physical proximity of two similar devices) . Anybody working with the same - or similar - dual wireless setup? Any advice on how to deal with it and recommended products will be much appreciated. Please note that the lead singer uses wireless IEM already (can't remember brand/model). Thank you.
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    I keep my instrument wireless transmitter attached to my strap. For my IEM's, I run the cable under the back of my shirt and have the received clipped to my belt/pants. It works just fine; having two bodypacks isn't an issue at all.
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    Given that I'm not aware of IEM wireless systems in the 2.4ghz WiFi band, it should not be an issue with two belt packs. The IEM receiver will likely be in the UHF band which has far separation from the 2.4ghz guitar transmitter. Particularly, a good receiver from a quality company like Shure or Sennheiser.

    However, with 2.4ghz devices, distance and proximity to any other device in that band is your enemy. Make sure the receiver is not near any computer, bluetooth, access point, and other devices, either nearby or in the line of sight.
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