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  1. Does anyone with a stereo compressor jump the output of the first channel into the input of the second? Presumably, one would dial in some soft compression with a low threshold on channel 1, then hard limiting with a high threshold on channel 2.
  2. Hey Peter:

    I tried this for a while with a Behringer Autocom. The second stage I actually took through my effects side chain so that I could adjust the amount of "hard" compression with my amp's blend control (blend of raw + side). At 100% side chain, I would have max compression, at 100% raw I would have only the soft compression.

    I found that the overall effect was to "deaden" the raw feed more than I liked, regardless of the settings I chose. I wanted a reasonable amount of dynamics at the raw feed, with some evening of extremes at the "final product".

    I now use an FMR RNC in the side chain as a single stage. In "really nice" mode, I get just the amount of compression I like when blended 60% effects 40% raw.

    Hope that isn't too much data. BTW, I still have the Behringer, and would sell it - email or PM me if if you are interested.
  3. Nah, I don't think I need another compressor right now--the onboard one on my Fafner is plenty juicy. :D

    I only asked from a theoretical standpoint. A friend of mine produces electronica tracks and we've discussed the possibility of me adding some bass guitar grooves/riffs/doodles to some of his sparer tracks. We were talking about unconventional methods of compression and limiting.

    He really liked my idea of multiband LFO-modulated compression, followed by gated reverb, applied to a fretless track :D
  4. Yep i have it that way :)

    have it like this :

    Bass --> Hartke 3500 --( fx send )--> Compressor channel 1 --> Rackmount tuner --> Compressor channel 2 --( FX return )--> Hartke 3500 --> speakers

    Channel 1 applies light compression at all times to my signal ( about 1:2 @ -15dB ), to smoothen out the sound

    Channel 2 has heavy compression, to smoothen out any peaks that might still remain. ( 1:6 @ +5 dB )
  5. I have a Behringer Composer pro set up pretty much the same as Allodo.
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