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Multitrack recording w/ only bass and effects?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by cheapbasslovin, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. I was curious how many of you are like me and can't play the small strings a lick but still like to try to make nice round recordings on occasion at home using your effects. I'm realizing also that soundclips of effects in a bubble don't really show what they are capable of in someone's hands really working the effect.

    So I was thinking y'all could post your recordings of just bass with your effects and explain to the best of your ability what effects are on which track to further detail how you make your tricks work.

    Being the attention seeker I am, I will go first:


    Song's not finished yet, but recording is hard.

    All of these are into an English Muff'n as I use that primarily as my preamp.

    1st section:
    Track 1 Holy Stain Fuzz/ trem combo in a blend loop.
    Track 2 HOG into SansAmp TriAC EQ'd for mostly low end into Nano Small Stone into DOD FX-75B.
    Track 3 HOG (note: the above HOG tracks are seriously working the attack delay feature)
    Track 4 HOG with 1up, 2up, and 1up-5th made a neat little Uke sound.
    Track 5 Holy Stain fuzz / Hall Verb into Micro Qtron BandPass with 8 o'clock drive and 1o'clock Q. I think it sounds like brass or a really distorted upright.

    2nd section: (Much more straight forward effects)
    The two higher freq effects are both variations on HOG into TriAC
    The final low track is just the Holy Stain fuzz into the Muff'n with most of the high end neutered.

    Feel free to ask about what I did, give suggestions with the pedals I have, mock me mercilessly, or post your effects solutions below.


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