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Mumiy Troll - 8

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by lunarpollen, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Mumiy Troll's newest album, 8, (released 8/8/08) is just amazing... I think it's the strongest yet of their career... I'm only on the second song of the second disc (it's a double album) and every one so far has been really well written, arranged, and performed... everything is so engaging and dynamic and fresh and Eugene Zvidionny's bass parts are very solid and clear and prominent. Actually every sonic element is. The production is outstanding. I may be listening to this album from start to finish many times in the coming days... Are there any other MT fans on here???
  2. fender78man


    Sep 16, 2008
    I met the band when they played a gig in London...

    I knew them from long time, not friends but just like an occasional "Hello how you doing".

    Apparently yes they are great musicians, I would say in russia they are like russian "Red Hot Chilly Peppers" in terms of musicianship.

    I might sound a bit weird but I haven;t heared yet a better or tighter band than them playing live!
    Well only peppers, police and few other I may say are better.. But generally it's a great band. But you know I am getting a bit bored they are playing the same stuff all over again and the new stuff that's comming out is in the same manner and even worse...

    I prefer their earlier stuff till 2003
  3. I think this new album is definitely a step above anything they've done recently. It seems like they must have found a great producer or something. I was really surprised.

    They were excellent when I saw them a few months ago in San Francisco. I was sad that they had no merchandise for sale (I really wanted a T-shirt!!)
  4. fender78man


    Sep 16, 2008

    I didn't know that russian bands are kinda popular in America?

    Are you russian yourself?
  5. Russian bands aren't especially popular here, except among the Russian community, unfortunately. I think great music has no borders, and so that's why I enjoy stuff from bands with lyrics not in my native tongue (the Pillows, Noodles, Kaizers Orchestra, Mumiy Troll, Agata Kristi, etc.). I don't care if I can't speak the language, if the music is excellent, that's all that matters to me...

    When I saw MT at the Independent in San Francisco, the place was absolutely packed. It was kinda lonely though, because I was by myself and everyone there was speaking Russian and I only know a few words of that language... But the show was amazing, the sound was exellent and the band were in good form...

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