Music Begets Art...or Vice-Versa?

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  1. ZenG


    Dec 13, 2013
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    I happen to have been blessed with two talents.....

    One is drawing,painting and cartooning.

    The other is creating music.

    I can't do both at the same time I either do one or the other for an extended period.

    Whenever I stay doing music for along time I find that art becomes really appealing to me.

    When I do art for a long time I find that my music interest rises.

    The music I like for expressing myself....but I like art for it's solid tangible appeal. Once you've created something to look stays that way.

    In the "pro" musician world I've noticed that the co-relation between art and music is often inter-twined.....

    Many musicians also dabble in art when they aren't doing music...or the other way Robert Crumb (cartoonist) who also plays piano and has a large record collection. Other rock stars went to art school before they became famous for their music.

    Do you find art interests are heightened for you (if you are a musician of any kind)?