Music from my new project "Global Chaos" - What do you think?

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    Hey everyone,

    A friend and I started up a session/studio project called Global Chaos a few months ago and just completed our first tune with accompanying lyric video!

    The song represents a pretty large departure from what we're used to playing, but was an awesome opportunity to also work with a graphics artist to put together a lyric video, another first for us!

    A little background on the project: We've been playing music together in various bands here in Missoula, MT for years, but we wanted to explore writing heavier, more techincal music while using extended range guitars/basses and lower tunings. We decided to start working with session musicians from around the world (Argentina, Germany, Latvia, and Italy for example) to track drums, vocals, keys, and other instruments while we handle bass and guitar in-house.

    Speaking of which, our music features use of 7 and 8-string PRS guitars, as well as a number of basses with various tunings:
    - Dingwall NG-2 (first-gen, my personal fav): Ab/Bb Eb Ab Db Gb
    - Warwick Corvette $$: F Bb Eb Ab Db
    - Warwick Vampyre NT: Eb/F Ab Db Gb

    Both the guitarist and myself use Kemper Amp Modelers, and I use my powered version along with my Aguilar GS212 for gigging. Obviously we do everything a half-step down from standard and drop the lowest strings on occasion!

    I'd love to hear what you think of the tune and video; there's a lot more to come from us!
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    This Does Not Suck. :thumbsup::cool::bassist: