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Music Man bridge pup + P Bass neck?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by TheMonkeyKing, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Hey,

    I have an ATK805E, and I love the sound of it, its extremely versatile with pickup blend and the bridge pup's three-way switch.

    I never really got into gear and tone chasing but I'm in a band now that plays original material along the lines of Kansas, Rush, Pink Floyd, etc so I'm somewhat of a newb when it comes to how to get "that sound" but I'd like to take things up a notch in my role as a bassist without chasing down vintage gear. I'd also like to just have the one bass that is versatile, like my ATK, but I want to explore some other options.

    So my question is, since the ATK805E is active, but I'd like to find a bass with passive tone, is it possible to scratch build a bass that combines a Music Man style pickup with a P-bass? If I purchase these pickups separately, is there anything I need to consider when matching them up? If I go to Nordstrand's webpage, for example, can I just buy their P-bass pup and a Music Man "drop in" replacement and wire it up to a volume-volume-tone circuit? Ideally I would like to buy an older ATK with the triple coil pup, add a split coil neck pup, and convert it to a passive bass with minimal controls.

    As a secondary question, I have only seen a handful of similar custom jobs in my searches online, so I have to wonder how come this type of instrument is not more popular. Are there any basses with a similar combination of pups? The Music Man Caprice bass looks close but its more of a P/J setup I think. Also, as far as pickup placement, it looks like the MM pup and the P would actually sit right next to each other, as the MM position is right in the middle of where the J and P would be on a P/J setup.

    TLDR version: are there any basses with a MM clone pup plus a P neck position, and what do I need to consider in scratch building one of these?
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