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Music Man Pickguard & Accessories Source

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by blipndub, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm wanting a black pickguard and pickup cover scheme on my trans orange SR5, but I'm having a hard time finding a source for this stuff, any suggestions?
  2. Alvaro Martín Gómez A.

    Alvaro Martín Gómez A. TalkBass' resident Bongo + cowbell player

    Don't know of a resource for pickup covers, but for pickguards you can try here.
  3. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    Pickguards are usually available on Ebay, as well as Jeannie Pickguards and pickguards.com.

    You are NOT going to be able to change the pickup cover itself. The insides are permanently epoxied to the cover. Best option if you want to change the color is to change the pickup itself. I had to buy an entire used SR5 from Ebay once just to swap the pickups, then resold the bass!
  4. Wow, I didn't know that, interesting. So my black pickguard plan sort of falls away. I can't spend another 1000 bucks for a pickup!! maybe someone will sell one eventually.
  5. ddnidd1

    ddnidd1 Supporting Member

    I've purchased pickguards aand pickup covers directly from Ernie Ball.
  6. Bob Clayton

    Bob Clayton Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Aug 14, 2001
    Philly Suburbs
    did you try the TB classifieds?
  7. fourstringdrums

    fourstringdrums Decidedly Indecisive Supporting Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    Try Bass Central for the pickguard. They swap them out if you want when you buy a new one from them, so they have them in stock. I only know of them doing this for Sterlings and SR4's but I'm fairly certain they have SR5 guards too.