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Music Man Pickup Mod

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by TallMike, May 11, 2011.

  1. TallMike


    May 11, 2011
  2. Why not get a DPDT On-On-On so you can do series/single coil/parallel?
  3. TallMike


    May 11, 2011
    I thought about that but I like that I can turn my bass off when it is in the center position. Also I already have a switch and those on-on-on switches are kinda hard to find. Lastly I think series/parallel/split is kinda over kill and I will not end up using all the different positions.
  4. In that case, I would go with series/parallel.
    Parallel is the traditional wiring for a MM pickup, series/single coil will not give you that option. Also, series/parallel will humcancel in both positions.
  5. I rewired my OLP (with basslines humbucker) using this schematic: Link
    To me the serial/parallel doesn't sound to much different except when I roll off the tone-knob then the difference is very audible. But I like the master-volume/master-tone set-up very much and the serial/parallel switch is a bonus (mine is 99% of the time on 'serial')
    While you're soldering you might also want to change the tone- and volume pot. On my OLP they were virtually dead (corroded) when I bought it.
  6. bassbenj


    Aug 11, 2009
    Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram

    Basically what you want is a combination of the above two diagrams: Series/parallel from push pull on volume pot and then a blend control to swing back and forth between the two coils. There is the correct diagram SOMEWHERE here on TB for this mod but I can't find it right now! What you are going to do is wire it just like a jazz bass only instead of two pickups you are wiring the separate coils of the MM pickup as if they were two jazz pickups.

    People do a lot of OLP badmouthing here, but I tell you true, my modded OLP absolutely kicks butt and it's just a passive circuit. The best setting is series and both with a bit of treble rolled off. Parallel tends to sound a bit thin. And knobs on the original OLP interact in very nasty ways so you need to "blend" mod to tone that nonsense down. With this mod my OLP is one amazing bass especially considering it's totally passive! Do it. You'll see!

    And since I'm discussing this project, I might as well describe my plans for the next stage. I got some 5 string MM pickups on EBAY for $12 each! The plan is to mod the OLP into an HH configuration. Only problem was I had to dig out the pickup potting to wire it with separate coils, but it wasn't that hard to do! Now it's all about modding the pickguard and routing the body. The final stage is planed to be a John East 3 band preamp ($$$) but I think there will be lots of bass playing between then and now!

    I don't know about YOUR OLP but MINE is positively amazing. Gorgeous flamed maple top, tort guard, AND only cost me $100 on sale as a demo unit at GC! For a long time I never played it because it was so hard to dial-in and I started to think I wasted the hundred bucks. But now I wouldn't trade that bass for ANY amount of money. Just do the mods and listen to the "ray growl". Totally and utterly amazing!
  7. Stealth


    Feb 5, 2008
    Zagreb, Croatia

    This is a SER/PAR V/V setup, but it can probably be easily adjusted for V/B. Just treat each pot on the schematic as one layer of a blend pot.
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