SOLD Music Man Stingray Special 4H

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    Up for grabs is a great condition EBMM Stingray Special 4H in Jet Black. I picked this bass up fairly recently from a music store that was closing (I believe it was a consignment piece that the owner just didn’t want to deal with selling) and while it’s an awesome bass, just not for me. It has the slightest bit of fret sprout, not enough to feel sharp or inhibit play, but just enough to notice. I’ve since used some fingerboard moisturizer and a humidifier to help remedy the issue, though it may require some (VERY) light filing to suit your preference.

    There are a couple of spots in the oil finish on the back of the neck, nothing into the wood. Pretty common for an essentially unfinished neck. This bass is in otherwise immaculate condition with no real wear or any major defects. Unfortunately the original hard case was not included, however I am including a padded gig bag with it.

    I’m always open to trades for other basses, amps, pedals, electric guitars etc. I’m pretty picky, so nothing personal if I say no. I do not want another active only bass (maybe something that can switch to passive). I’d be open to a 5 string, depending on the bass. I prefer rosewood/darker fingerboards.

    Price is PayPal goods/services and shipped to the continental US.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

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