For Sale MUSIC MAN StingRay USA

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    Sale MUSIC MAN StingRay USA with original music man case.
    Pickup Seymour Duncan BASSLINES MUSIC MAN - 3COIL ALNICO V SMB-4A 3C -Music Man
    Located in Kiev, Ukraine. I'll send it to any city!

    21150850_1431537800232901_1916845070_n.jpg 21151058_1431537933566221_1621242737_n.jpg 21175041_1431537910232890_858880739_n.jpg 21175090_1431537830232898_1949594820_n.jpg 21175652_1431537853566229_597323803_n.jpg 21150723_1431537873566227_297553121_n.jpg 21150828_1431537893566225_1166998171_n.jpg
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  2. Price Drop 820USD
  3. Jackie Smith

    Jackie Smith

    May 15, 2016
    Hi there. Might I inquire as to the weight of this pretty girl? Thanks much!
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