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  1. Does any one know some all music colleges? I know of Berklee only because they offerd me. Im not realy interested in going to a jazz school. Ive been offered from Memphis and Lee University (clevelend tennessee). I'd rather go to a music only college if I can so... can anyone tell me the websites of some good colleges I should aply to?
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    Jul 31, 2005
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    hey, did you ever figure out your winning concerto piece?
    music-only colleges, ( or conservatories?) can be found at this website English.htm

    it also lists universities with distinctive music colleges (such as yale), which would be a good decision if you wanted a well-rounded education in addition to a music degree.
    also, a good decision to be discussed with your private teacher, who doesn't sound like he has been very helpful thus far...
    good luck!