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  1. David-Adler

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    Feb 28, 2001
    Bonn, Germany
    I´ve got to tell you this story : I was at a music store today, and played several basses, the last was a Sadowsky Vintage 5 - I was wanting to check the sound of the B in comparison to the others. Then this music store guy comes up to me and asks "Are you seriously interested in buying this bass ?" so I answer "No" and he says "Then please take it off". So I asked "Why" and he really say "Because you could break it !".... so I asked "Why should I break it" ... and he really answers "Because you can´t play". I looked at him at said "Do you want to hear me play ?" he answers "Not really". But I took the Myung Signature Bass Standing next to me and played down a tapping line.. so he locked at me, said nothing and went away.

    Tell me you opinions about this - did you ever encounter something like this ?

    Thanks !

  2. ldiezman

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    Jul 11, 2001
    You had to show off. geeze..... no i am just kidding. I would have kicked him in the balls because laying down a tasty groove to impress this dude would have wasted a valuable part of my life.. but thats cool that he shut his mouth
  3. voleceq

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    May 7, 2001
    Middle of Nowhere
    Gotta love those know-it-all store guys.
  4. Erich Zann

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    Aug 14, 2000
    Not quite that bad, but I once had one guy tell me a big muff wouldn't work for the bass.
  5. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    There's a chain here in Texas. Brook Mays. One of their
    locations (Preston & LBJ) has a real good sheet music
    section. Didn't find the tune I was lookin' fer, but on the way
    out I passed some URBs in the "orchestral" department.
    First time I laid my hands on one. Holy poop! I did some
    simple walkin' lines. Had a helluva good time. The sales-
    person enters. Gives me this look like, "please leave quietly
    without making a scene." ***? This was North Dallas -
    not Highland Park :p. Maybe the presence of a spousal
    unit immediately relegated me to the Rogue section,
    $$$-wise :(. I also made the mistake of goin' to their
    " pro shop " after finally savin' enough moolah for a new bass
    after 10 years downtime. Got what I thought was a great
    deal. $2000 marked down 50% :eek:. Found out why it was
    so cheap. Batteries lasted for maybe ½ hour. It was a demo
    and the constant pluggin' and un-pluggin' had torqued the
    jack / switch. Replacements, at the time, were like hen's teeth.

    I swore off ever darkenin' their doors again. Even the Plano
    store (the 'new' one that replaced the one that burnt down)
    is staffed by zit-faced know-it-alls. And their selection is CRAP!
    Yeah...whoop-de-doo! What's one customer to their bottom
    line? Let's see...HOW much have I spent on gear since then? :rolleyes:
    Fortunately, there's Speir's and Larry Morgan's over in Garland.
    Not to mention this hyar world wide web thingy :D.
  6. The store guys in Hong Kong don't bug me, considering the fact that I can lay down a fingerstyle groove better than they can slap when they're on a slaphappy high... :p
  7. ColonelZulu

    ColonelZulu Not Impressed By Those Who Flaunt “Authority” Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    I won't shop at a store that won't let you play the merch. I get to know the guys and they understand that I know what I'm looking for and that I know how to play. I prefer to shop at smaller places and get to know the owner. I won't buy at a place that pushes stuff on you on the one hand or won't let you touch the stuff on the other hand. Where I normally shop, they always let me know they have new gear and ask me if I want to try it out.

    "Hey dude, we got this new Roscoe 6 string fretless. Ya gotta try it out!"

    I'm usually afraid to touch the stuff and opt not to out of courtesy. I normally only try stuff I'm seriously considering buying. But, sometimes I get a bug and go off.
  8. Same here Zulu. heck i'm 11 and i don't get any crap like that! but then again i'm 5'7 :D anyway. the only time i had to be talked to was when i but a active bass in to the passive jack. guy talk to me and said "you do know that's active right?" looked at the amp and put the cord into the other jack.
  9. A few years ago I went into a well-known Bass store in Denmark Street. London, with cash in my pocket to buy a new Stingray.
    The salesman was chatting on the phone to what seemed to be one of his friends, so after waiting for a while I started browsing through a Bassist mag, which was on the counter.

    He stopped talking and said rudely to me, “This isn’t a library, if you want to read it, buy it,” and went back to chatting on the phone.
    I counted to ten, pointed to a display of about 8 Rays and said I was going to have a look.
    He was obviously not happy about ending his phone call for a customer, stormed over and said, “Are you serious about buying today” to which I said possibly.
    He then said “Do you have the money” to which I pulled out a big wad of cash and I replied, Yes, and I’m going to buy today, but NOT here.

    Didn’t go back to that store for about two years, even though it was only minutes from my work.
    Have bought two basses there since, and I’m glad to say I was treated well. That salesman had long gone.
  10. SuperDuck

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    Sep 26, 2000
    In defense of the store people: Yes, there are a lot of them who are jerks. Yes, there are a lot of them who are more annoying and rude than was previously thought to be possible by science. However, you have to respect their concern for their merchandise. Now I know that a good number of the bassists here are responsible people, who treat instruments with a great deal of respect, but that doesn't mean everyone is like that. I was a store the other day when some stupid kid with a guitar strapped on turned around to talk to his friend, and in the process knocked over another guitar that was on a stand with the neck of the guitar he was wearing. Wincing as the guitar hit the floor, I was very surprised the clerk didn't kick the kid out right then and there. Now Sadowsky instruments aren't cheap, and it's fun to noodle around on expensive instruments that one could never possibly afford. (I myself try not to, it's like getting teased but doing it yourself.) I could understand if he asked you take off the instrument, BUT he was not right to criticize your playing. There is a fine line between being rude to customers, and being cautious about expensive merchandise. There is a Conklin GT-7 that came to my local GC brand new, but, since it's kind of a novelty (sorry JT), everyone is thinking "Oh man, I gotta play that 7-string!". Now, that beautiful piece of work is crap. There's missing knobs, dings in the finish, and scratches all over the place. There are a lot of stupid people who just don't know how to handle instruments, and you have to respect the desire of music store employees to protect their instruments.
  11. Yea, there are a lot of stupid pepole, but then again...just because I'm a 'kid', or someone else who walks into a store is a 'kid', they don't have to be discriminated against.

    Case in point: A while ago I was in Tom Lee's, and got the urge to see wha ta fretless bass feels like. So, I browsed around until I finally found one: A Jaco signature bass. I realized it was more than likely more expensive than the other basses (it didn't have a price tag on it) so I made sure I was EXTREMELY careful with it. I picked it up and held onto it, making sure it didn't come within a few inches of anything else, then I walked over to the stool and sat down with it, unplugged.

    2 minutes pass by, and one of the clerks looks at me, comes over and says "That's a Fender custom shop bass. If you damage it, you pay for it. Put it back." Automatically assuming that I was gonna put a ding or 3 in the bass.
    But...I've noticed that I seem to take better care of the guitars and basses in the store than most of the clerks do. If I ask one of them if I can try a bass, they'll just grab it off the stand/shelf/wall and it usually gets smacked against something or other before it comes to get plugged into the amp.

    Now when I pick up a bass on my own, I make sure I'm REALLY careful with it, and that it doesn't smack against anything else.

    It's pretty sad, too, considering the fact that they used to have a couple Pedullas, a Ric, some Spectors, a Tobias or 2...and a lot of them have dings and/or scratches in them because they're taken care of so poorly. Sure, it's very possible that careless customers put those dings or scratches in the basses, but...the agreement is that if you damage it, you pay for it. So how come all those nice basses are sitting on the shelf/stands/walls gathering dust and sitting there with al sorts of dings & scratches in 'em?

    Ah well. Enough complaining from me. I should hurry up & finish up here at TB so I can go to Gelb. :D
  12. OCCarl

    OCCarl Guest

    May 9, 2001
    Santa Ana Heights, CA
    Sounds like you people run into a lot of peckerheads who work at stores.

    I really haven't encountered this at LA area stores. Probably because there are so many stores and they all want to SELL gear just to get a meager paycheck.

    (I am also 39 and don't go into the stores wearing Slayer T-shirts either. They also probably figure I've got serious cash....which is NOT true!)

  13. An earlier post reminded me...

    Ordering items and finding out 4 months later that they "forgot" or didn't call and sold it to someone else (like their friend or a fellow employee).

    I special ordered a bass straight from the distributor and upon arrival the store employee's immediately opened the box... played it for two days and when I finally walked in to check if it had arrived (no phone call of course), the original box was already torn open and there was a scratch near the bridge. Well, had to take it that way, otherwise another 6 month turnaround.

    Store guy said, "man that bass plays sweet.."
    I noticed he was wearing a big steel watch on his right wrist (position matched the scratch).

    I have no tolerance for music store sales punks. If they get mouthy I'll lay into them so hard it would make a sailor blush.
  14. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    The guys at the main shop i go to [IRC Music in Indy] treat me well. Any questions i have they answer them, they suggest gear after i tell them what i'm looking for & where id be playing it. Also-i've gotten 2/3 of my basses there & they do all my tech work for the past 4 years so they've gotten to recognize me. Now @ Mars-the guys look @ me like i'm 5 & am gonna break whatever i touch-i'm 6ft 1in & 15. However-after they see that i'm not gonna break anything they vanish never to be seen again. thats all
  15. hyperlitem

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    Jul 25, 2001
    Indianapolis, IN
    hahhahahhah fenderjazzcam

    thats soo funny thats the second person ive seen here that lives in indy. OH just for the record IRC is a joke. I took lessons there about 7 years ago. That place couldn't be more overpriced. They guys there wouldn't even let me look at the stingrays, i had cash in my pocket. I ended up going to the best store in indy and ordering one. Whats is this amazing store you say? guitars and more right down the road. Its a lot smaller than a mars or guitar center, but it has much better prices. They only really carry 2 brands i'm intersted in: PRS and Ernie ball, but they can get any used stuff you could want. Also guitar center is pretty good in indy. i know i know major chain, but the guys in there aren't bad. Except for the bass guy, he wouldn't evn quote me a price on a stingray cuz he was talking on the phone. And i know yoiu guys are all poor musicians but heres a tip i use, where a nice shirt and not ripped up pants when you go in and try out guitars. Most stupid employees will see that yoiu dress nice and throw spectors and warwicks in your face to try, cuz u look like u have money. IF you care about your appearence you will probably care for their instruments. Sorry i just had to vent. But seriously JAZZ IRC SUCKS. send me a message if u want to hear horror stories about that place.
  16. td1368


    Jan 9, 2001
    How a bout this deal. I was looking at a used G&L 1500 at a local music store. When the salesman shows me a G&L-5500, or something like that. So when I was done he says "Are you gonna buy it?" Of course not it wasn't even the bass I went in to look at. He tells me they have layaway. You put up half the money and if you don't pay the rest in thirty days they keep the deposit. Man that sounds like a major rip-off scheme or he was just F'n with me.
  17. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    hyper-u ever ask them to price match? I had them do that when i ordered my ashbory-not sure if they'd do it on the basses in stock but if its a special order they should have more leeway. Did you tell them-"I want a stingray, i might be able to walk out the door with one today-what can you do on the price?" Guitars & More is nice-small store the guys are knowledgable-haven't bought anything from them. Guitar Works-they leave ya alone unless if they see you looking specifically @ one area. Thats all
  18. Lord Bishop

    Lord Bishop Guest

    Jul 16, 2001
    Brooklyn N.Y.
    No, I can't say that I've ever encountered anything like that, but if I ever do I think I'd have to slap the crap out outta that punk.
  19. Hey FenderJazzCam, I know exactly what ya mean!!! I live in Indy too, and ive been to mars many times(unfrotunatly) Those guys are jerks. They are no help and thier bass guy sucks. Ive seen him in action, it wasnt pretty. Ive been playing for 8 years, and i do get lessons from the bass guy at mars, hes really, really good. SO i have to go there every wensday. Weve bough so much stuff from them, a complete pa system, a big one too, not the little club size, and still we have probelms with their attitudes, so its not like we just go in thier and twiddle with stuff. Ive been to IRC a few times, as well as guitars and more, both really good places. Recetnly ive been going to Guitar Center, those guys are really cool. Ive bought all my bass gear from GC and never had a prob with them. Weve (band)bough quit a bit of stuff from them(a completel drum set about the size of Carter Boufards from Dave Matthews Band, and the Yamaha AW4416) We did t really know how to use the AW, so for a few moths the guy from Pro Audio would come over and help us record and he mixed the tracks for us as well. OUr cd has been played there a few times on friday. Thier bass guy is really awesome both at bass and attituded wise. I recomend checking them out. And hyper i gotta hear these horror stories from IRC!!!