Music store selling Fender Original P-Bass pickups for almost retail but wait!

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  1. The case it is protected by is broken! It doesn't open or close shut and there is a huge crack across the clear plastic that they tried taping it up with and they're selling it for almost the price of what Fender sells direct.

    Should I try haggling them about the damaged case? Or does that even matter as long ad the pickup is intact.
  2. I have 2 basses with the Fender original '62 pups. A damaged protective case means very little to me. As long as the pickups are 100%, you mount them in your bass and thats where they'l stay. Keep the packaging and documentation if you should want to unload them down the road. And yes the damaged packaging can be used as a bargaining chip. No one should sell these for the MSR price. Suggest somewhere around a 20% discount. That seems fair. BTW these do sound very good and occasionally show up used with packaging and all for around $50 on ebay. Good luck.
  3. Fender website shows it sells the Original pickups for $89.99...
  4. bolophonic


    Dec 10, 2009
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    If I were you (I'm obviously not), I would worry less about the value of the packaging and more about the music coming out of my fingers.
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  5. JasonLamb


    Aug 17, 2007
    Maybe the dealer opened it to see if it had a brass bottom plate etc.. Or to see if it came with foam or screws etc.
  6. hsech

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    Maybe it was previously installed by the store and the buyer changed his mind.
  7. bassrich


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    I'd consider it used and price it accordingly 20% off sounds reasonable
  8. GBassNorth

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    At this point you don't know if they've been used and returned or are defective or what. I'd say 20% off and full warranty or shop somewhere else.
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    I personally wouldn't take it I've been burned before with bad packaging and trying to return something it always seems the person who originally waited on you doesn't work there any longer and they try and blame you for the damage.
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    Get a discount (asking for a new set to be ordered can be a good strategy to make them more flexible if they resist) and make SURE they mark on the receipt that it is a damaged package and you still have standard return privileges. Every music store I've ever seen is either still on hand-written receipts so it's easy to do or modern POS systems (ie computers not cash registers) that allow you to put comments on the receipt for just such a situation. If they say they are un-returnable once installed regardless, ask them to include installation at the discounted price or at the asking price at most - you won't be saving much but you will have saved the effort and have a guaranteed working pickup.
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  11. I agree that as long as the actual product is intact, it shouldn't be that big of a deal but still, they priced it as $114.99 compared to retail price which ought to be 89.99
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    This is another reason why many local music shops are going down the tubes.
  13. A lot of their Fenders are still priced at the MRSP even though Fender itself got rid of those and just posted the retail price on their website. They always say they'll match any lower price but I wonder if they would actually stay true to their word...

    I could show them the retail price of the Original pickup on Fender's website, have them lower it to that price and maybe get 15-20% off for the damaged packaging?
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    Buy it online? I'm showing $61.88 on Amazon right now... it's your money, but...
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    Id just buy them off amazon if I wanted them that badly. Id say there are much better pickups in your price range...
  16. danosix


    May 30, 2012
    No, my point is - getting it installed means you are sure it's good (still try to get a discount - it's shop worn goods) but, even if you pay the marked price you've gotten the install free - which is in effect a discount - even if you were going to install it yourself, you've saved yourself the trouble and have a guaranteed working unit which you don't have to uninstall if it's bad.
  17. Ohhhhhh I get it. What if they say no?

    Just walk out I guess.
  18. danosix


    May 30, 2012
    Well, that's your call at that point.
    I'd leave, you have to be willing to walk away from a deal if you ask for it - otherwise there's no point 'cause they know when you can't live without it. Keep in mind you can get a new (not damaged one) for the regular price and it will be a LOT lower risk.
  19. Very true.

    I realized that pickup has been there as long as I can remember. Even the Dimarzios and Seymour Duncans go faster than this set