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  1. manbearpig97


    Mar 28, 2010
    Anybody have any cool/ funny stories about your experience in a music store?

    Heres mine: Yesterday, I was in a music store trying out basses because im buying one soon, and while I was playing one a crowd of people came over and started to watch me play. It was easily the highlight of my week.
  2. FilterFunk

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    Mar 31, 2010
    Many years ago, I was looking for a voice amp. The salesman showed me a Gallien-Krueger, plugged it in, plugged in a mic and said, "You're gonna hafta sing for your supper!" I sang "Unchained Melody" a la George Benson. Brought the house down.
  3. When I play the store empties.
  4. One time I went to the local music, politely said hi to the guy behind the counter, fiddled around on some schecter 5 strings for awhile, got up and said thanks to said guy behind counter, to which he said thanks for coming by, and then I left. I now wish he had been ruder so I could lament about it here, but alas...:meh:
  5. So, I went in for some new strings. The guy behind the counter pointed me towards those Elixer strings. I had just gotten paid from my crappy job, so my wallet was full. I bought 6-7 sets, and Joe Perry was standing next to me. He said he used Elixers while on tour with Aerosmith, so we chatted a bit, traded stories. By then, Joe Satriani walked in, and started talking to us. He said that Stu Hamm got some sort of nasty VD, and couldn't tour anymore. So, he asked if I could play a bit to see if I could take his spot. I didn't pass the audition, but the opener - Blues Saraceno need a player. I said "Ok, so long as I get paid enough." Joe was cool with that. So, I ended up touring with Blues for 3 years before getting enough record contracts for a solo album, that I had to leave to pursue my own dreams.

    Back at the store, I then spotted a young Christina Aguilara looking at mics. I recognized her talent straight away, and started chatting her up. She saw my vision and manly physique, and I started producing her demos and early stuff. BTW, we dated for a few years, and if you think that baby of hers is from her husband... well, you don't know Chrissy, as I call her, like I do! About that time, a minor earthquake occurred, and I saw a big tower of PA speakers that was going to fall and crush Joe C. (the little person that toured with Kid Rock). I got him out of harm's way, and he gave me his personalized Richard Mille Tourbillon watch as a big thank you. At that point, the ground opened up, and a big earthquake-related fissure, and a blue-green glowing rock popped out. I think it was an asteroid. In any event, that's where I got my superpower strength and ability to see through lead and most walls. As I was bellying up to the counter to pay and leave, Gina Gershon spotted me, and begged me to leave Chrissy and run away on a cruise ship and circle the world with her. I said, "sure, but only if we can bring Tiffany Theissen (aka Kelly Kapowski on Saved By the Bell") as a sex slave for the two of us. She agreed, and later that day, we set off on the cruise ship, unbeknownst to Chrissy.

    Here's the amazing part: The dude at Guitar Center only charged me $15 for each set of Elixers!!! $15??? Have you ever heard of them going for that cheap? Whenever I tell this story to people, they never believe me because they can't believe I got the strings for so cheap!