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Music stores are a hassle

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by FeTiS, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. my local music store is really starting to piss me off. i went in there and ordered a Zoom 707II about a week ago, and they said to call back in a week to see if its in. so thats all fine and good, but when i called this morning, it turns out they didnt even put it in the order book! and this isnt a one time deal either, i know people who have ordered simple parts from them and never got them, even after haggling them! and the worst part is, they are the only music store in the area, so unless i feel like driving 2 hours to edmonton, im screwed! its horrible
  2. You could try ordering it over the net???
  3. Fetis, I know you're in the sticks, but, if any store pulled that nonsense with me, I would definitely go elsewhere. Even if they're the only store in town, if they don't order what you ask them to, they're NO store in town. I'm in NYC, and I once e-mailed a store here to ask if they carried a certain Bartolini pickup; they never answered me one way or the other. They will never get any business of mine. If you go back to them, then they know they've got you.

    Hope you find a place online.

    Mike J.
  4. the problem with that is im only 17, so i dont have a credit card, and my parents dont trust the net with visa numbers and what not. and, i need the pedal in like 3 weeks, so i dont have time to send a money order, then wait for them to send it back which can take months. so, i'm just gonna haggle the music store until i finally get it.
  5. The net is not the only way to order. Every place on the net has a 1800 number as well. Also, most of them have order forms you can print out and send in with you check. No need to bother with a store like that! There are more than enough people out there willing to get your buisness ... go to one of them.

    I had a similar experience with a local music dive. I purchased an acoustic gu**ar and took the demo because they were out of stock. They said it would only be a week until the new ones came in. A month later (yesterday) I took that guitar back, returned it, and said 'later on' to that store.

    These music stores think that all the kids and 'wanna be kids' that walk in there will be happy enough just to see all the bright instruments and no customer service is required ... although the MM that I played while waiting did ease my nerves...
  6. Thats the same with my parents

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