Music stores in the R.I. area

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  1. Are there any music stores that carry high-end basses and equipment in the Rhode Island area? Particularly RI, south east Massachusetts, or maybe south east Connecticut.

    I will be looking for a new cabinet after the holidays and want to try out some Epifani, Accugrove, Bergantino, and maybe even a Schroeder dealer.

    The closest one I have seen online is G Guitars in New Haven, CT. Which is just under a two hour drive for me. I'm sure there are a lot of Music stores that are not on line.

  2. Try Alpha Audio Works in Mystic, CT about an hour away from Newport RI. 860-572-0460). Andy is the bass guy. Haven't been there in a while, but I bought my EBS gear there and I know he's a Bergantino dealer. Great guys. (If you do speak to Andy, please tell him Jonathan from Newport says Hi).
    I keep hearing about Boston Guitar Works, (508) 580-0088 in Brockton, MA . I haven't been there myself.
    As far as finding a high end store in RI, please let me know if you find something!
  3. Thanks jp, you da man!

    Boston Guitar Works has Accugrove, Efinani, and Schroeder!

    Alpha, I actually got my Lakland from them. I didn't know that they carried Bergantino, but that was over five years ago and at the time they called them selves "Players Choice".

    I will have to pay them both a visit, thanks again.

    Anyone else?
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    Anyone else?