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Music Theory Class

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by anotherbassist, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Hey
    Im a freshman in high school, and we just got are course selection sheets and we have a class called music theory. Has anyone ever taken this class or heard anything about it? I would really like to learn theory and Im just wondering if a class would help me out basswise?
  2. Jason Carota

    Jason Carota

    Mar 1, 2002
    Lowell, MA
    A music theory class will definately help you out. If the course is available, then I reccomend you sign up for it. This class won't teach you everything, but it will most likely be a good starting point for your learning.
  3. Visirale


    Mar 23, 2003
    Is it AP or standard? If you're new to music, you'll probably fail AP. If it's standard, go for it. Ap does start at the basics, but it doesn't give you time to catch on if you're new at it.

    I'm taking ap theory next year, really looking foward to it.
  4. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    I am currently taking the theory class at my school. For the first year since it's been in existance we have finally gotten it to be a full year course. How much you cover, what you cover, and how it's covered is up to your teacher. My teacher said that technically-our class should be an AP/Honors class except, if it was, it would be forced to be a bit different i think be structured a bit differently.

    The main thing that I'm having trouble with so far is the ear training or to be specific melodic dictation. If it's 2 part, i can generally get it after a few tries. If it's 4 part-if i get 2 of 4 bars correct i'm happy. Harmonic dictation isn't overly difficult yet.

    Summary: take the class, either this year or next. It will be worth it.
  5. I'm a Senior next year and they screwed me over makeing only APH available, which required Fundermentals of Music,bastages.

    Take it :)
  6. Definately take it. Fewer and fewer high schools are even offering theory courses these days and it will be a big help to you in the future, especially if you plan on majoring in music.
  7. xyllion

    xyllion Commercial User

    Jan 14, 2003
    San Jose, CA, USA
    Owner, Looperlative Audio Products
    Take it from this old man (turning 40 this year). Learning music theory can only help you. You will learn the language that will help you to play any style of music you want in any setting. If you want to turn pro some day, they'll be calling on you because they will know that you can pick up any song because you know how they are built.
  8. They have AP and standard, but im gonna take the regular if i make it because you have to audition, did you have to take an audition and is the regular class hard?
  9. Visirale


    Mar 23, 2003
    I didn't have to audition because my one of my band directors (also the AP theory teacher) knows I've been playing bass clarinet for 7 years, and knows I've been in orchestra settings for several years. The non band kids just had to have an interview with her.

    The regular class should be great. They'll start at the basics, and give you time to catch on to everything. I'd highly reccomend it.
  10. ok well hopefully i'll get in to it because ive never been in band or orchestra but i can read a little music already so i maybe alright
  11. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    I think the only thing that is required in order to get into the theory class is teacher permission. However, i am not sure.

    If we had AP theory, i'd probably try and take both except different years if they would let me.

    That's all

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