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  1. My thread, "I'm Gutted", on this board described what happened when my 8 year old lad packed in his drumming.

    That lead me to wonder whether his tutor might have had a part to play as he taught my lad (IMHO) as though he were an adult, excellent drummer though the tutor is.

    OK, there's a difference between teaching a melodic instrument and percussion. But I wondered whether teachers on TB could give me advice as to how they teach kids that young. I felt my lad had no real fun with his drumming lessons and that may well have been part of his decision to stop playing.

    Would be pleased for wisdom.


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    It could possibly be the teacher. Where I take my lessons there is this black girl about 8 who I must say is pretty damn good. People have talked to her and she just loves it.

    I know the teacher and all kids of ages seem to like him, so your son may NOT like the drums but it is quite possible it's the teacher.
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    My kids had various mentors. The nicest ones tried to be their buddy and were the least effective teachers. The strictest sternest drum teacher has had them improve at light speed. They didn't like him at first but I told them they had NO CHOICE.

    Two years later my 11 year old is killer on drums AND LOVES IT. He can't get enough jam time. I rented time at a rehearsal studio and he was in heaven jammning with my on guitar or bass. My 8 year old, well he doesn't practice enough and that will change.

    Bottom line: teacher effectiveness first, warm big fuzziness second.

    BTW, I'm from the school of moderately hard knocks.
  4. I kind-a wondered whether it's a child psychology thing. By the nature of things, kids that age are exploring the world so are finding loads of new things to stimulate their interests. Being really focussed on one thing is therefore, I conjectured, likely to be more unusual than usual. So for me it followed that good variety is essential to keep an interest going.

    Adults have a much better mental capacity for appreciating that slog is sometimes required. But we would get well sick of continuously learning and practicing 'dry' technique, I reckon. I thought, therefore, that an 8 year old would just, well, switch off.

    How many of us would feel great about slogging over scales for 2 years, with little else being done? Sure, it's essential. But in moderation. I reckon I'd be asking, 'But, aren't I supposed to play tunes on this thing...?'

    Just a thought....

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    They did like him but not as much as the other 'cool dudes.' But he did teach them material they wanted like Ozzy, Donnas, Foo Fighters, etc and they relate well. It wasn't torture but not the goofing around from the earlier bozos. What a waste of their time, my time, and my money!
  6. I'd describe this guy as 'firm and fair'. He pushed my lad sufficiently hard to get the results. What he might not have done, though, is see that learning drums should be fun.

    One approach might have been to learn sufficient technique for my lad to be able play along to a song of his choice. Then embark on a more complex technique for another CD track. And so on.

    At the end of it all, though, it may just be that the teacher was right and my lad just got sick of drumming.