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  1. I think they're more simple than not. They have lots of unisons, with the bass and guitars, and also with the vocals. Their songs typically have a main riff which they repeat over and over, then they'll go into a verse where the guitars get simpler -- either rhythm on one chord or a slow progression -- and then it's back to the main riff. I think that's pretty simple. A unison bass line, to me, is far from complex, since you can't get much simpler than a unison. They don't really get harmonically complex. They either have the guitars doing an ostinato under the vocals, or the guitars follow the vocals with power chords. To me, the odd vocal melodies seem to be more embellishment than compositional complexity.

    The one area where I think they could be said to be complex is their rhythm. Although neither of my reference songs change time, they're both rhythmically interesting. I'll give you that. Still, that's just one aspect of the song.
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    My guess is you've heard 2 or 3 songs.
  3. 15, but I haven't examined them all closely. Agree to disagree?

    EDIT: You know, the songs I had been examining were their big hits. As I listen to the ones that didn't get radio play I'm hearing more interesting harmony, and some of the things you mentioned. Some of my observations hold true as well, but they apply more to the songs that get exposure, which is pretty interesting.
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    They are complex in the Nu metal sense of the word. And FYI, I've heard almost everything SOAD has done... and I like some of it.... The first album is still pretty awesome, Toxicity has a cool song or two... the new stuff... guitarbones is taking over the band in a lame new direction... him singing more :smug:

    "Lots of complex unison bass lines, time changes, feel changes, strange vocal harmonies."

    Unison doesn't mean complex, in fact, bass lines are often more complex when they are doing something radically different than the guitar... time changes? Nothing major. Feel changes... these are mostly studio tricks... Toxicity was so overproduced when it came to the changes in "feel." Strange vocal harmonies... is that what they call ripping off Mike Patton these days. ;)
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