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  1. I was playing guitar for six months and I finally found out I sucked.
    My fingers were to chubby and I had very crappy equipment.
    So I took up Bass now I think of myself as a musician.
    I still play guitar but I'm getting so good at bass.
    Anyways my question is can a guitarist be a real good bassist at the same rate of people who start bass first?
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    Jan 20, 2001
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    I would say that it depends on how serious you pursue playing the instrument. But being "good" in your eyes may or may not be good to someone else. Learn scales, modes, and different techniques. Learn to play things that you like and then pursue other forms of music. It all depends on what you want to do with the instrument.
  3. sure. there are no limits. i think most bassists start out on guitar anyway, for a little while at least. i did, and now i'm pretty good at both of them. in fact, i think it's better if you play both. it's the same format, a stringed, fretted instrument tuned in fourths, but they function so differently that it lets you think in a different mindset. plus, you can write guitar parts to your basslines and vice versa, rather than relying on somebody else.