SOLD MUSICMAN 1979 Vintage Pre-Ernie Ball Stingray Project Bass (pre-EB)

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    This 1979 Musicman Stingray project bass has been on the backburner and, with work being what it is, probably not going to get to it in the near future, so I thought I'd see if anyone else wanted to tackle it.

    This body and neck are from two different basses, but they are both legit '79 parts. The serial number on the bridge is B012498. The body has been routed for an extra pickup; the rout is a little off center in relation to the original MM rout, but it's cleanly done, so it would be easy to plug if you so desired. The truss rod turns smoothly and works but the fingerboard has a slight hump on it, so I was going to send it in to get PLEK'd since I would be refretting/refinishing it anyway (the machine auto levels the fingerboard prior to the refret).

    The slab body is a pretty piece of ash and is light for a 70's MM; body weighs 6 lbs 5 oz with the bridge/control plate/pickguard attached. Total weight for everything is 8 lbs 10oz, so you it should be right around 9 lbs when the entire bass is assembled.

    Breakdown on the parts:
    Body/control plate/pickguard - SOLD
    Neck w/tuners - SOLD
    Bridge - $650 - For Sale - MUSICMAN 1979 Vintage Pre-Ernie Ball Stingray Bridge (pre-EB)

    If you add $300 for the body plug/refin, $400 for the neck replane/refret/refinish, original MM pickup for $200, neck plate for $150 and then you'd have a completely restored bass for $2500. You could make it look like this: SOLD - MUSIC MAN 1979 Pre-EB Stingray - "Restored"!
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