SOLD Musicman Caprice intersted in trading for Jazz

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    Trade Pending, Bass On Hold.
    Available for sale but mostly for trade is a very clean 2014 musicman caprice. I like this bass quite a bit but I have other PJ style basses and would very much like to add a nice Jazz bass to my stable. Not too much to add on the bass other than it’s an alder body, rosewood board, maple neck and the Musicman Proprietary PJ pickups. All questions welcome. Sale price is 1300 shipped, trades listed below.

    Trades (Even swap)

    Fender AVRI 60’s or 70’s

    Fender American Original 60’s or 70’s

    Fender Flea active bass (I know not exactly a Jazz)

    G&L J’s or similar

    Open to others

    Trades (+Cash my way)

    Flea 60’s Jazz bass

    Roadworn Jazz bass

    Open to others

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    Jul 25, 2008
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    Oh yeah, ebmm case included.