MusicMan S.U.B. Xo2 4 string bass?

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  1. What do u guys think about the MusicMan S.U.B. Xo2 bass. i really like it. i actually like it better than the 1200$ one becasue i leik the body and the pick guard, the only thing about the music man is they dont have a pickup cloer to the neck to keep my thiumb there, so should i get a thumb rest if i buy thius bass

    Heres a link to the bass:
  2. You really should learn to play bass without a thumbrest. I just use the E string on a 4 banger, and no rest when I am playing the E.
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    i dont know why people need a thumb rest, it just limits you where you shouldnt have limits.. do you want to play in the same position all the time? i sure as hel dont.. i like to sometimes play right over the pickup and when i do i often rest my thumb on the pickup, otherwise, i usually have my thumb on the E string while i play the A string, on the A string while i play the D string, and on the D string while i play the G string... it is a good habit to get into (IMO)..
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    I used a guy's SUB about two weeks ago. It was with a punk band at a house show, so conditions were very cramped. I was not about to even consider taking my Roscoe in there, so I just used my good friend's SUB for our set. In all honesty, the only thing I liked about it was the feel. It was very lightweight, and the frets were dressed nicely, but there was a high one somewhere around 13-14. No big deal there. The finish felt and looked nice. I've not spent much time with a satin finish, but I liked it (when you sweat, it gets smoother, not sticky like the finish on my ATK and Jazz. :D ). The sound, however, was horrible. It was completely dominated by harsh high end. I worked the knobs on the bass best I could, but that didn't seem to help much. I was hoping it was the amp, but I tweaked the head to get the best usable sound, which was still awful.
    I was considering it as a cheaper backup to my Roscoe and Jazz, so I really wanted to like the SUB. I'll still try to spend more time with it, but my first impression of it is not a pleasent one.
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    I completely agree with your assessment of the S.U.B. Bass. The S.U.B. feels nice, but sounds like crap. I used to own a 99' Stingray and it sounded MUCH better than the S.U.B. Yes, $500 better! In all honesty even the OLP that I owned for a short time sounded better than the S.U.B. I am not impressed. Besides that, IMHO, the textured finished looks terrible.

    In a sharp contrast to the S.U.B., I recently tried out the new G&L L-2000 Series Bass. I own a real L-2000 and I can honestly say the L-2000 Tribute sounded/felt/played just as good. I am seriously considering picking up a L-2500 Tribute. Only $600 for a L-2500 Tribute Premium (w/ Gig Bag). A great deal for an excellent Bass.