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    072FD2D8-2A77-414D-9630-9BA7D5678ECC.jpeg Hello, greetings from Russia! And here we have some vintage funky base, time machine arrived from 1979 year. She has lots of dings and scratches on its body and headstock, but nothing too serious. She was professionally refretted with the new Jescar frets, and got the new vintage-like lacquer finishing of the fretboard . The truss rod and potentiometers work good.
    I’ve own this bass from 2009, and we had a lot of gigs together, but now I have to pay my credits..
    As you can see, my feedback is only 1, but I’m an old TB’er, though.
    I’m located in Russia, Rostov-on-Don, and can ship Worldwide, payment for shipping is after you.
    I will ship in non-original hard shell case. PayPal payment only.
    Make me offers.
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    May 5, 2004
    Virgin isles are in Russia now?!

    How much does this bad boy weigh?
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    Moved to the International classifieds
  5. Thanks a lot))
  6. Sorry, Didn’t notice, here’s the international selling topic)

    His weight is about 9,8-9,9lbs
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  7. Hi!

    Nice basses.
    I’d be interested but you’re in Russia. And I’m not comfortable shipping this international on a trade deal.

  8. I can quite understand that the international shipping is not so comfortable.. though the price isn’t firm, so you can make offers.
  9. Price reduced
  10. Are there a cracks between A and D tuners?


  11. I’ve totally examined them, and they look like cracks in lacquer finish, not in wood