SOLD MusicMan Sterling Stealth HS4

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    Shipping is included in the 48 states only. Basses with rosewood fingerboards can't be shipped outside the USA due to CITES.

    Please PM me if you have questions or want more pictures.

    The ONLY trades I'm interested in:

    -MusicMan Sterling HH 4 - Neptune Blue PDN or Honey Roasted PDN limited runs (mahogany body), 9.0 lbs or less preferred.

    -Mike Lull P4 with deeper forearm and back contours, ash body and maple board with J width neck, 9.0 lbs or less

    -G&L LB-100 with ash body / maple board, clear finish, 1.5" wide neck, 7.25" fingerboard radius, 8.5 lbs or less

    This is a fairly rare EBMM Sterling Stealth model, this has a Matte Black finish on the body and the neck. The fingerboard is ebony and the hardware is black. This bass has been played so there's some tiny chips on the edge of the headstock, there are some shiny areas on the body, some scratches and tiny chips on the back of the body, and the black hardware finish has worn off small areas on the bridge saddles. The pickups are the HS type and the controls are master volume and 3 band EQ boost/cut, and a 5 way pickup coil selector switch. Comes in the original molded case and weighs 8.5 lbs - this is super light for a 2 pickup Sterling!

    Price is $1000 shipped SOLD

    SterlingStealthHS.jpg SterlingStealthHSback.jpg
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    Nov 20, 2008
    Dang, wish I’d noticed the sterling sooner
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    The MPG is a sleeper folks. I've owned a few and they feel great! Can't beat this price!
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