Musicman Stingray 5 $700 *MINT*

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  1. Deano Destructo

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    Dec 10, 2000
    Seattle, WA.
    Musicman Stingray 5 in super-excellent condition. It is 100% original in a black finish with black pick guard and rosewood fretboard and birdseye neck(sort of tiger striped);). Neck and fretboard are in mint condition with no wear or marks. Sounds great as most MM's do. Will ship in original hardshell case(kind w/velvet lineing). All in all excellent bass w/schaller strap locks already installed. Its what I always wanted to play but I've just recently had a custom bass built by a luthier so it has to go. I'm hopeing for $700 obo.
  2. haawalton


    Jun 4, 2000
    say dude i want to buy that me dude and well talk. I want zee bace
  3. i take it this is probably already sold but if its not send me a e-mail